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Friday, Oct 30, 2009
Some ideas.
    I've been thinking a lot lately about the situation I'm in. This whole blindness and spotty memory is really beginning to become bothersome for me. I won't even mention the fact I can't use magic right now. That's so for later.. But this amulet I made to see better in the darkness seems to be helping my eyesight. Albeit blurry and rather short distances but, maybe I could find another way of doing something similar to that. Glasses are what comes to mind. Build the frames out of something that could hold the charm, coat the lenses with the potion. I might have the blood of a witch running through my veins but there are some spells and potions that don't require that. If I can remember correctly this was one of them. If all else fails I can call this specialist my mother told me about. With luck he'll know what to do to help me.

Posted at 11:27 am
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