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Monday, May 01, 2017
Going back home.

    Birds chirped at the morning light was the first sound she heard. Inhaling deeply, Nemesis stretched along the fluffy grass she was laying upon. With a soft moan to finish the stretch, she opened her green eyes. Automatically squinting at the sharpness of the sun's rays she rolled onto her stomach and proceeded to push herself up into a kneeling position. Lifting her hands to her messy hair she did another delicious stretch as she scratched her head with a yawn. 

    "Are you up yet? Lazy good for noth…."

    "Oh shut it, Demi." Nemi snapped out loud.

    Already Dementia was starting up and she hadn't even gotten three cups of coffee into her system just yet. Coffee. Keyword. And she desperately needed her caffeine fix soon or heads will roll. And by heads, it was her own because Dementia was only a voice within her mind walls. She wasn’t even a person. Just an annoying little gnat that won't go away. Constantly flying in front of your face to remind you that its existence is still so ever present. 

    Glancing down at the remnants of what was left of the clothes she wore she sighed heavily and brushed at the dirt that she knew wouldn’t be easily washed off let alone be brushed off by her small hands. She needed to do some shopping. But she had nothing to her name. She left everything and had to go into hiding without a plan or anything set aside for what she may need out of wolf form. The temptation of going back into wolf form crept into her mind and she had to shove the desire back down. She longed for the taste of a freshly brewed cup of joe and needed to be on two legs to achieve getting her hands on some. 

    "Yes and lets go shopping! I love shopping!"

    Rolling her eyes. "How and with what? My looks? Demi we do not have the means to get food. How do you suppose we would get the funds to get anything else?"


    "No….erm…..Maybe. I don’t know, Demi. Still, if we were not successful then it would be the dungeon for us. And personally, I do not want to be down in that filthy place." 

    "True. But then you could breakout. You were one of the best in the realm and I am sure you still are!"

    "No…" Nemesis shook her head making her knotted up mane of hair dance around her head. "I will not do it."

    "Please? C'mon! I want some new shoes!" Dementia whimpered.

    "You need a new pair of shoes like I need another voice trying to tell me what to do. Besides, what would YOU do with a pair of shoes, to begin with? You do not have any feet to wear them on!!!"

    "You have a point….Debbie downer……You always ruin my fun. Such a bore!"

    With a sigh, she pushed herself up onto her feet and brushed the debris from her palms. Wiggling her toes upon the soft grass. She didn't like shoes. Never did. Always liked feeling the earth beneath her feet and never felt the need to wear such ridiculous things. Didn't need to wear them in wolf form. Clothes were a different story though.  Nothing flashy in fashion. Just something clean.

Posted at 09:26 pm
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