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Thursday, Dec 31, 2009
Computer Issues
    So as much as I hate it I have become the local tech support for my family and friends when it comes to their computers issues. Sometimes it is a simple easy fix that requires little time, other times it takes hours to fix the issue. Usually I just charge them dinner but as more and more of my time is taken up I am highly considering charging cold hard cash as it takes time out of my day and away from my work that I do at home. Namely my home built servers. Though one word of advice that may save you time and travel. Always make sure to check the wattage of your power supply before buying a high end graphics card. I was sorely mistaken in thinking I had a 650 in my personal machine and instead only had a 500. Well my graphics card required a hell of a lot higher then that. Sure it worked fine at first but shortly after a loud high pitched whine issued forth from my machine. After some troubled shooting I narrowed it down but it took a good while. As much as I love building towers and the like... rewiring sucks!

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