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Sunday, Nov 01, 2009
Belated Birthday
    Dear Diary,

    So I am now officially twenty years old. My birthday had been two days ago but with being sick and catching up on school work I hadn't had time to celebrate. Its depressing since none of my friend's or family had remembered but its alright. I mean I can't stay made at them long can? This is going to be a short entry today because I still have things to do and caught up on. Hopefully I will see some of my friends today. You know I am just going to put this out there but are you supposed to feel different once you reach the age of twenty? I personally still feel like the geeky old me. Nothing has changed really which I guess is a relief. Anyway a pile of paperwork is calling my name so I must be going. I will try to write back as soon as I can.

    Blair Marie Storm

Posted at 09:03 am
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