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Monday, Nov 26, 2018

    Walking down a corridor, I notice a man sitting in a corner, blood spilled all over the pavement. I drop down next to him, feeling for a pulse. There was a slight beat, so I managed to drape his arm over my neck and carry him to a nearby shop. As the distance closes between me and the shop, I feel something grab hold of me from behind and tossed me into a brick wall, blood spitting out of my mouth. It was a man, a strong one in fact, who threw me against the wall. 

    "You took my food, you imbecile!" He said in a low raspy voice. "Now you must die hum-"


    The man is launched over into the corridor by another being. There, the mysterious figure dove into the corridor to go after the man. I turn the corner to watch as they brawl in the middle of the corridor.

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