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Thursday, Apr 13, 2017
Arrival Thoughts
    Aziz Faraj al Saqr <p> (Carried over from intro post... <p> The traditionally dressed Arab wandered the narrow alley between the stalls of the bazaar in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem.  How long had it been since he had smelled these smells, heard so many voices speaking his native tongue at one time?  For far too many years the duties of his Clan had called him away to cities like New York, or London, places far too fast, or too modern to suit his tastes.  Here he could live the simpler life he favored, the with a change of clothes return to the world his work often demanded he take part in.) <p> Wandering the alleys it was hard not to think about how much simpler life could be if he simply inhabited one of the homes abandoned by those fleeing the violence.  It wouldn't be hard to clear the rubble, bricks, wood, they were everywhere because of the numrous shellings, the violence, he was a creature of it.  The aroma of coffee assailed his nostrils and he found himself taking a seat at one of the tables then ordering   

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