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Tuesday, Sep 03, 2019
TinyPic is shutting down!

    Though over the years I have been kind enough to keep every image I have created for you lovely people here I can't possibly track each of you down after saving every image individually and then redistributing new urls after they have been moved to a new host platform. So sadly I must ask that if you love the artwork I created and wish to keep displaying it please save it to your personal computer and upload it where you wish. So this is me relinquishing ownership and giving permission to display it through your own means.

    I love you all and you all have been very kind to remain loyal to me over the years. I wish there was another way but I can't be the momma hosting everybody images anymore. I wish you all well and please if you paid for artwork from me in the past save it, continue to share it with others, and enjoy it wherever you end up on the interwebs. 

    Vanessa Deuce/Helena Campbell/Lydia Snow/Miryam/Promise
    Designs By Emerald Dahlia if you have questions or comments and I'm not here.


Posted at 04:23 pm
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