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Thursday, Mar 04, 2021
From JJ #6

    *From the puppetmaster: This part is purely for my own entertainment, and I wanted to find out how Josie would react in a situation like this. I have heard her mumble about being mortified. I fully expect her not to cooperate as well as she did this time...*

    The two bottom steps became Josie's undoing. Instead of taking a step onto the sidewalk, a foot slipped, and in the blink of an eye, she found herself facedown on the pavement. Had Josie been able to direct her own dive from the pillars of grace, she would have regained consciousness to stunned silence and crickets chirping but alas the fates had a different outcome in store for her. Stunned silence was part of the picture only long enough for people to pull out their various devices and begin filming, and then the snickering began.

    Keeping her head down, Josie quietly willed them all to disappear. These were her neighbors, the people she would see every day, or nearly every day if the hermit would go be a hermit somewhere else. Embarrassed she began to contemplate how fast she could get upright and back inside. She would have to stay out of sight until she was out of mind. Hopefully, it would not be too long before she could try again.


    "Miss are you alright?"

    Without giving her attention away, Josie opened an eye wide enough to register a pair of men's worn winter boots by her side. Fudge! She had not done enough people watching to know who was wearing what.

    "Are all my limbs and parts attached the way they're supposed to?" The heat of embarrassment spread against the cold skin. She was not supposed to call attention to herself. A simple yes to the question should be enough.

    "What I can see from here looks just fine.."

    What the fudged? Did he just..? You don't fudging do something like that to someone you do not know. "Ha ha ha! Now go away so I can quietly disappear."
    Squinting at where she had seen the worn winter boots, Josie now saw a hand waving for her attention.

    "Please, at least let me help you get upright again. I promise I will not say another word."

    With a full-body shiver, Josie rolled over on the side and held out her hand. With the impending adrenaline crash, she needed to get home sooner than later.


    Before Josie could do more than take another breath, her world turned upside down again. Standing at the top of the stairs, past the offending steps, the unknown knight in worn winter boots silently waited until he could close the door behind her.

    "Thank you."

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