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Thursday, Jun 29, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 8


    His canny green eyes scanned the gloom.  Row upon row of decaying pews, forgotten statues and graffiti-scrawled frescos that took on a horrible and lurid cast in the moonlight.  Then in a flash of lightning from the approaching storm he saw her.  It took him a moment to adjust.  A silent figure stood staring at him through the dusk-flecked air near the main entrance.  He knew her face in a moment.

    “Aimee?”  He said in a low uncertain voice, lowering his makeshift weapon and taking a few steps forward. “I thought you went out to Cali, what the hell are … you… doing… here?”

    The phantom stood motionless in the gloom, only partially visible in the strands of moonlight.  Less certainly now “Aimee?”  Another lightning flash.  It looked like her but Johnny knew – that was not his sister.

    The figure stepped from the deep shadows into a moonbeam.  “You’re not Aimee.” Johnny growled, and hoisted the candlestick like a stickball bat.

    “No.”  The figure glided towards him with an unnatural perfection.  It stopped just out of reach.  For all the world she … it… looked like his kid sister.  “But I’ve found over the years this was the only form I could take to keep you from attacking me.  I tried elderly wisdom and childlike innocence.  Neither prevented your fists or the razor you keep in your boot from attempting to violate me.  I even tried Randolph Scott and Marilyn Monroe.”

    There was a long, awkward pause, as if the thing was waiting for a response.  Johnny remained tense and raised the candlestick a little higher.

    “The results were much the same.”  It said with a tinge of disappointment.

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