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Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021
Gens Blog Entry Three

    *the camera flickers to life, its wide view showing Genesis sitting at a table with a cloth set down on it, and a few handguns and a cleaning kit.*

    Today we will talk about my military experience. While I clean some of my guns. Nothing like the smell of cordite and gun oil in the morning. Coffee, coffee goes well with it, too.

    *starts dismantling a gun and cleaning its respective parts as she talks.*

    So my military experience did me a world of good. I was actually able to make real friends. No one judges you because you all are in the same tent, same uniform, same sh!t whole. I made some good, life-long friends and I am still in contact with them today. A few went into the whole ‘independent contractor’ field as me. Also known as a mercenary, hit man, bounty hunter. You get the picture. I am more of a merc than anything. Someone pays me well enough to kill a target halfway across the world, well…I go, I kill, I take a snap shot and I get paid oodles of monies.

    *she smiles, reassembling the weapon and looking down the sights before picking another gun up and taking it apart, starting the cleaning process on it.*

    Since leaving the military, I seem to have an easier time making friends. I know a lot of cops. Some are dirty and I am pretty much blackmailing them, some are working both sides of the fence and have no problem sharing intel.

    I have friends from the crew I was in. Ahzi Dahaka. Those peeps will forever be in my heart. I am terrible at staying in touch though.

    *leans back and sips from her coffee*

    I was in a crew before Ahzi though. Just briefly. I’d say a month. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it though. The leader was a chic obsessed with oranges. Things just didn’t work out. To me, they were all lazy. There was no push, no drive.

    Azhi gave me what I needed. That drive to be stronger, to be my best self.

    And now Dexter and I have outgrown them. Dexter started our own little crew and of course I followed him. I would do anything for that man. ~swoons~

    *she blushed and tried to hide it behind drinking her coffee.*

    Okay, I think that’s enough for now. Next time on the video blog we will talk more about my friendships and some of the pretty unique people I share my life with.”

    *Camera flips off and goes black.*

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