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Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

    Blood stained fingers twitched slightly as a pair of sapphire blue eyes surveyed the mess of bloodied bodies and body parts strewn haphazardly across the ground.

    Bare toes wiggled against the sticky floor a moment as the sound of whispering reached ears that were more attuned to the lower tones making it sound as if the whisperer were closer than they actually were.

    Slowly and carefully those bloody feet picked their way across the floor making sure not to step on any of bodies or parts. A smile brightens up a blood smeared face as the whispering grows closer. Reaching down those bloody fingers clutch a little brown bear by its arm, eyes studying it a moment unphased by the fact that despite all the mess it is surprisingly clean.

    Clutching the little bear to his chest the boy takes another look around the room his smile brightening a bit more. “I told you he didn’t like you.”

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