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Monday, Feb 22, 2021
Gens Blog Entry Two

    *The screen fades in with Genesis sitting cross legged on what appears to be her bed.*

    “So, here we are again, just you and me, Mr. Camera.

    I have my coffee, I’m wearing a pair of Dexter’s ever so comfy boxers, and one of his nice roomy t-shirts. I am pretty relaxed.

    Now where did we leave off…oh, yeah. Okay then. So, all through school I put myself in the books. I wanted to keep up the good grades. As I got older I learned about scholarships. In junior high I started up taking track and field as a sport. Yes, I admit, I used my unique abilities to get ahead… the stamina, the speed, the enhanced hearing and eyesight. I didn’t see the big deal with it.

    When I started high school though, I heard about seniors, mostly boys, being talked to in the guidance counselor’s office by recruiters. Army, Navy, Marines. This interested me a lot. I had to wait till my senior year to speak to one of these men, so again, I plundered books, stayed on top of my grades, and stayed on top of my physical routine.

    We moved a few times. We were settled in a dumpy old trailer park my senior year. My mother wanted me to quit school and get a full time job. Wow…what a fight that way. She went full werewolf and so did I. She was no match for me, and quickly backed off. She still hurled insults at me, like how grand her life would have been without being tied to me. Same stuff I heard all my life.

    You know, I have never lived in anything but a dumpy trailer until I left home. Living in a real house? I think I go overboard with keeping it clean and cheerful.

    Anyway. I made it to my senior year, and I read up on the different branches of the military. The Marine Corps called to me. So I went to a recruiter’s office and signed up. Well, I had to take a test first, but I aced that.

    In basic, I again used my abilities to my advantage. They soon found I was a spot on marksman. I was with the military police, but ended up getting deployed to the desert, pretty much sitting on guard duty. I saw a little action, not much though.

    Oh, I got a letter from my mother while I was over there. She asked if I could send her half of my paychecks every month. Said she ‘earned’ that money. I resealed the envelope and had the post mark it return to sender and never heard from her again.

    *gave a stretch before sipping some coffee.*

    That’s it for now Mr. Camera. Signing off.”

    *the screen fades to black.*

Posted at 07:11 pm
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