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Monday, Feb 22, 2021
Gens Blog

    *Camera adjusts, coming out of focus then in, before going out again, and then in.*

    “Dammit, I hate this stuff. Sure, I can do FaceTime, Skype and all that, but recording myself is a totally different matter. Aw, damn, I should have done something with my hair.”

    *The figure on the screen combs her fingers through her long chestnut colored hair.*

    “Well, that will have to do. Let’s begin. Hmmm…where to begin. I guess my childhood? Okay, let’s start there.

    So, my name is Genesis Alvarez. I could add Gein onto that…my union is with Dexter Gein. That makes for a long ass name. We’ll just stick to Genesis.

    I was born in New York State, but moved around so much it’s ridiculous. Mostly the southern states, causing me to have a southern drawl.

    My mother was a wh0re. No, literally, she was. She was a purebred Lycan, so was my father, from what she told me, but has no clue who he is. She said most pure blood were royalty in a way, and she tried to get herself one.

    I had to grow up way too quickly and take care of myself when I was little. I didn’t have brothers or sisters, and my mother often told me she should have aborted me. How’s that for parenting? So, yeah. Totes hate her. While other little kids were out playing on their bikes and, yanno, just being kids, I was making dinner for myself. That usually consisted of macaroni and cheese. I won’t touch that stuff now.

    In earlier grades of school, I became so reclusive. I was picked on for my dirty clothes. My thrift store stuff. I kept up my good grades though. I was an avid reader from the start.

    You know something else I remember from being really young, since before school? My mother would sometimes take off for days at a time. I put on a brave face, but… I always slept in my wolf form… a mere puppy… huddled with my blanket under a bed.

    Yeah, so there was that.

    *The figure puts her head down and is silent for a bit before shaking her head.*

    Okay, that’s enough for now…”

    *She moves and the screen fades to black.*

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