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Sunday, Dec 04, 2016
The Order

    It looks like I'm going to Moscow now. On one hand, dodging the boys is gonna be way easier. It should be easier. But then again, I shouldn't be able to do weird mystical ****. I shouldn't even be alive. I'm still gonna miss New York City. And I'll have to find routes and finagle with laws again. Hopefully I won't be getting jumped by those crazy demon monsters. What the hell are they? I almost got wrecked by one, then some creepy ghost lunged at me and then attacked the monster? I take back my previous statement about the oter boys being able to manage all this better than I can. I mean, they still could. But Phil, Jackson and Deshawn hate ghosts. Seriously. I almost got my head caved in once when I put on a bedsheet and scream mask after they watched some horror movie. Prayers to them and their families.

    Maybe I should visit just before leaving. Can't hurt. Just have to make sure I do a few other things like check the truck and pack everything. I think I put my list in the washing machine or something, so I'm writing it here.

    To Do:

    -Clean every last inch of the truck

    -Check the truck, see if it's not broken (trip to mechanic?)

    -Wash and dry my clothes


    -Find a lot of boxes

    -And a sharpie


    -Find out Russian laws

    -Buy last minute supplies?

    -Research the Order

Posted at 06:11 pm
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