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Thursday, Apr 25, 2019
Back on earth

    I was born with the stars and I chose to join the rebellion. I had a great run as a tempter, but that was 2000 years ago.  I got promoted to torturer and enjoyed it for awhile, I invented a retinal scanner for reading the souls of the damned, although the jealous ones were saying I just liked poking people in the eye with a sharp stick.  After awhile I decided i preferred field work so I transferred back to earth as a tempter.  Humans are exactly the same, so I assume my old tricks will work the same.  I have a dozen assignments among the mortals and they are all going fine, just gently nudging them into looking out for #1.  But being back on earth also has other possibilities and I'd enjoy finding some truly interesting inhabitants of this planet, after awhile pretty much all humans look the same.

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