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Wednesday, Apr 05, 2017
Diary Entry 1

    Dear Diary, 

    First off, let's start off strong by thinking of a name for you. Not Diary as in the term is slightly childish. Hey, book thing. I like Book thing. 

    Let's Begin, I always knew something was different about me, something's not necessarily wrong with me but I have this horrible thing about me where no one ever wants to stick around. No one wants to stick around except for the bad people. The people that will scream at you and hurt you and do horrible bad things to you. I also have Cliches and let me tell you I am a walking horrifying cliche. I grew up like I do now, in a small home with a small family and I followed careers with my mother as my brother is taking after my father, I was popular, everyone loved me and Dylan. They thought we were the best people in the world. Freshman year I met this guy.. this wonderful guy Josh. He was everything I wanted and more, he taught me so many things in life. Until I thought I loved him so I gave him what I thought was everything, but before that let's play back to when I used to go out and party with Josh.. when date rape drugs were a thing and I was a human being who drank but usually only one. Let's skip this story for the time being and go back to being a small and sad cliche. He "Cheated" on me which I now know is a lie he made up so I wouldn't talk to him again because of the other story I don't want to talk about currently... 

    And that brings us to this so called "Realm" because in the car on the way of dropping me off after we broke up.. our car flipped and I was the only one who died, fortunately enough I came here.. Well.. it's the world but I talk to these other beings no one else knows is here... but I'm lonely. Lonlier than I ever was in the real world because here, no one wants me or wants to talk to me. Not anyone who is nice or who wants me for me.. But for now. I leave you here book thing. And again we will meet.


Posted at 07:34 pm
  anonymous on Saturday, Jul 15, 2017 at 12:35 pm

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