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Sunday, Mar 21, 2021
How to Establish an Alibi

    Darn, drat, and dragon balls!  I am freaking exhausted.  I have not had any sleep, and I am pretty stinky after having hauled out all of the freezer contents out to the swamp for disposal.  Clean up is pretty dirty work, especially when you are cleaning up your clean up.  Well, someone has to take out the garbage.

    It is not my fault really.  How was I to know that my landlady was not quite human?  She was all old and wrinkly and everything.  A little bit nosy, of course.  I mean, the smell inside my place and all was bad, but I had paid my rent.  How rude just to barge in on someone.  Too rude really.  And I never even noticed the tentacles until the end.  Her end, of course.

    Well, guess who is now stuffed in the freezer waiting to be thawed out?  The spell to set a delayed fire is already placed in her room, so now I just need to wait until dark to haul her heavy ass back to her room.  Wish that I had waited to pay the rent, but life can be costly.  Just as costly as an alibi.

    Now I am headed out to the local tavern for a brew and to get noticed.  That is how you establish an alibi.  The old gal was well known, so no one can suspect me of anything except beside a stupid, loud drunk.  Just my luck a bunch of soldiers are on furlough and out on the town.  Have to dip deeper into my pockets than I intended, but guess it is better than a burn notice.

    Hmmm...  I hear the sirens now, and is that a faint whiff of burnt demon in the wind?  Do not ask me.  I am like way too drunk to notice;  Right?

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