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Sunday, Nov 01, 2020
Chapter 2 - The Roomate

    I am such a freaking coward.  And more than a bit boring. All I do is go to work, come home to eat, and hide away in my lonely room.  I had promised myself that I would go out and get the lay of the land, but do I dare?  No.  I still feel as if there are eyes all around me trying to catch sight of me.  Am I a fugitive, a failure, or just a fruitcake?  Perhaps all three.   A black cat which I call Pita has invaded my room.  I have tried to drive the little beast away, but she is Pita - pain in the ass.  After my first and only attempt to request she vacate my premises, she responded with a most decisive hiss and swing of a clawed paw at my face.  She might have been merely playing with me, but I decided to take her seriously.  She looked quite ferocious when she growled at me.  Her fangs might be small, but they look quite sharp.  Why start taking chances now, eh?   She is a most annoying roommate and a thief.  I had made myself a tuna sandwich for dinner, and guess who staked claim to it?  I swear she was grinning spitefully at me, smacking her lips, as she devoured my meal.  I suppose I should be grateful she prefers tuna to me, but I was really, really hungry.   I had bought the dented can of tuna with my last coin, (trying to survive on tips until payday sucks, but what can you do?), and the really ironic thing is that I hate tuna.  Stupid Pita.  Stupid me for not bringing in a dog to drive her away,  At the least, the little beast could have left me the bread.  It was stale after all, and I was really, really hungry.   The nights can be long with an empty belly, so sometimes I just give in and go to bed.  Pita jumps up, all haughty and acting as if she is doing me some tremendous favor when she curls up and lays beside me.  Stupid beast.  Still the small, warm body is a bit of a comfort.  I am almost tempted to stroke her.  Almost.  She does have very pointy fangs.   As I drift off, I wonder if cats can steal a human's breath?  I figure I am a bit safe since I am not quite human,  Still, she could bite the crap out of me and mark me up.  Seriously though, she is not too bad of a roommate when the alternative is being totally alone.  Yep.  If only I could get her to pay her share of the rent.

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