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Friday, Nov 25, 2016
Complete Bio
    Marah Danielle St. Claire was born in an aristocratic family of pure blood wolves. She had an older brother Marcus, a twin brother David and a baby sister Rhianna. when she was 5 years old a vampire Master turned her older brother and took him away when she was 10 Marcus came back and murdered her parents. The remaining 3 children were separated never to see each other again.   When Dutchie first came to the realm she was a mere 15 year old just a few short months of turning 16. She was alone  knowing no one till a man with dark hair and dressed in black approached her handing her his card telling her his name was Knight Kravenoff. She placed the card in her pocket not sure if she would ever need it. A few days passed when she took him up on his offer and gave him a call. He helped her with her problem but their story didn't end there they continued to see each other and  one thing led to another and just after her 16th birthday they were wed. With in a year she gave birth to a son they  named Abigor and a year land a half later they named Mya. Marah never knew love  like she did with Knight this was the happiest she ever had been. But soon their life would have a messy ending with lies from who her husband thought was his friend and the death of their children.  All he wanted was his  child bride for himself.That was when she found her twin brother David.   After her break up with Knight she married Danny Ocean. That was when her life became a living hell. The man she married was a demon who controlled  and abused her in ways no one could imagine. Years later she found out he was the reason for her divorce from Knight. The Marriage was to fail from the beginning and never should have been. He refused to let her go he wanted her and would kill her before that would happen. There were  times when she avoided her family  cause of the bruises.  There was once when she ran into Knight where she tried to  hide the marks but Knight being Knight saw  them and was outraged. She begged him not to do anything and to just let it go. Unknown to her she was being followed and  her where abouts were reported back to Danny. Once she returned hone  the nightmare began. More beating  then he would repeatedly kill her and bring her back  but the worst part was when he dragged her out side to witness  the most horrific event in her life the death of her 4 children when he blew up the house. Taking her to her home  more beating took place  till her uncle Ceph arrived and freed her . Grabbing Danny by the throat the master Vampire help him to where his head was touching the roof and warned him. " Your a dead man Ocean." There he took her to his home with his wife Julianna . Unknown to her  her brothers where out to finish the monster who abused their sister.  Marcus placed a bounty and her twin David carried it out. Marah knew she would never be free of the man till he died .  Her brothers came to her and told her her nightmare was mover  that Danny was dead and she was finally free.  She was free of him yes but the nightmares will live with her always. Marah went looking for Knight hoping to capture what was stolen from her and  to explain why she told him not to go after Danny. That the reason she stayed with Danny was to protect him to keep him alive. But  that ended when she heard of his death. Her heart stopped she felt her life drain  from her being. All she had left was her Uncle and siblings.   A year later she met a nice guy just a year older then her his name was Velkin from her Uncle Cephorus.  She finally was happy again  finally being able to love once more. He showed her life was worth living and moving on.  In the spring they were married. They had a good life but then it ended with his death. For months after she believed that she was cursed and never to know love again till Digger Venom entered her life. They had 2 children together twin boys David and Marcus named after her brothers.  When all was going great for her Velkin returned and was hurt that she moved on and forgot, him Marah and Velking went to their special place and she told him how happy she was now that he when Velkin died she mourned but a year passed  and knew that he would want her to go on.    As they spoke she had no idea that she was being watched by someone she thought was a friend  named Carissa who went to Digger telling him she was having an affair. Unknowing to Carissa Marah and Digger had trust and she told him the truth that she did meet with Velkin. And yes her and Velkin had a good marriage but he died and was gone for a year and she moved on and was happy. Digger understood and this angered the one who tried to break them up and she placed a bounty on him but it failed. a couple of years later she felt the greatest loss of all , the deaths of her sister and brothers and weeks later her husband Digger. Not wanting to go on she was killed but before her death she was turned by a Carpathian Vampire. For 6 years she lived their ways and even changed her name . All was great for years till she met a man . Promises were made then broken. Feeling betrayed and mostly used she left Ireland  vowing never to return with hatred of those who lied and deceived her. On her Journey she contemplated death till she came across and old dear friend a fellow wolf. Who changed her mind and returned her to her rightful roots. That of the wolf. Little do her enemies of the real wolf that dwells within her.   Now she has returned to LA her City. The city that she had fond memories along with that of heart break. But being back she has managed to run across many of her old and dear friends and some new ones. Also 2 very close friends whom she holds deep in her heart and one of the is the main key to her past.  This is a new year with new beginnings where it leads only the fates know for sure. But she does know the road she is on its nothing like the past months that she spent promised and wishing on a false dream. No more lies and no more deceit in her life. She has found the one who accepts her for who she is and doesn't have to pretend and be what he wants her to be. He loves her for her and always has. She is herself again an Alpha Wolf and may god forgive who ever crosses her again. As the New year progressed She  found her Knight and  and they both realized that the love they shared was still there. They were married in a small private wedding in his home land of Wulfhavem.    On September 3  she gave birth to their children triplets Dylan, Aryana, and Cassandra. Her dreams also came true that night when her cousin Draven told her that his wifes brother and sister wanted to sign the band up for a recording session and sign them to a recording contract. Happily her husband approved knowing it was his wifes dream.   Soon after she found out her life was a lie from a psycho names James Causey .  There he told her how he killed her two brothers and then the most shocking climax was when he told her and everyone at the Green Dragon that she and David were  not St.Claires that they were the other two babies from a set of triplets  of Marie Reilly and Ronan Boru. Blood test were proven and she is in fact the daughter of Ronan. She is now learning  all she has to of her family blood line and getting use to  being a Princess of a country and learning who she really is. That she became a werewolf  from the bite that her cousin Oz gave her on her finger, The  Fire and Ice Phoenix from her grandmother off her mothers side and and dealing with all the magics of a witch that came from her and David when he died.     What road her life takes now and what ever turns it may take  will be anyone's guess. But  for now she is happily married to the man she always love and has a family who will support her through what ever her life may bring.

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