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Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019
Dear Diary 2

    Another night found Ravin once again sitting on her bed. This time she went to the second box of her diaries. After going through the first box which had all of her little years in them. The ones in this box had her life through middle school and part of high school. Picking up the middle one she smiled and opened it carefully. A cover of actual leather was this one, the papers a little yellow from age. One of the pages were doggy eared which perked interest in her. It had been so long ago she didn't remember what had been so important that she marked it.

    Dear Diary:

    I'm 16 today, Momma isn't around to see it though it makes me sad because she died this morning. I spent all day in her room going through our picture books. Most of them were just of us, Momma smiling all the time.  Though tonight I am not happy I've been crying all day So what is going to happen to me now? I am too old to be in a group home. No one is going to want me. Maybe I will just run away and take care of myself. So many teens my age do it. Something really weird happened last night though while I was sleeping. I dreamt that momma was going to die this morning. But I thought it was just a dream. Problem is I have seen other things like this. Does that make me weird like a freak or something? Goodnight 

    Raven closed her eyes and the book at the same time. Tears ran down her cheeks and she sighed. "Only problem Momma you didn't die, you were brought back and stole Ziera from me and made me think my newborn daughter had died... Then you did die for real Jo killed you for stealing away his daughter."

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