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Wednesday, Apr 05, 2017
Diary Entry 2

    Welcome back, Book thing. 

    Seems childish to write twice in a day but today things are getting to me, like why me? Why did I happen to go to that party, to meet that guy and to be here. I'm not sure. I walk around everyday like nothing ever happened to me because well, everyone gets their justice. I spend most days quitely by myself and think nothing of it. 

    But today I can't help but wonder why, I wonder why I broke down to Ruby tonight, I wonder why every time I start to get to know someone or I start to like them a little, why they leave. They always leave without a word. And I know it's not because I'm think sad blob of glasses and curls because I don't tell a single person anything of what I'm feeling, out in this stupid realm I act like everything is perfect and nothing is wrong and I'm so happy. But here I spill everything I feel. 

    I feel alone in the world, because every time I talk to someone they leave without a peep, I can tell they've read my messages or they pop online or do whatever. I know they're there but for some reason even though I act completely normal, they  get spooked and leave, or they find someone else which I don't blame them. Love is love... but what if I never find love? What if... what if I was brought back to this realm to be here for other people? I know I sound selfish wanting love as well but... maybe I'm here for everyone else.

    Well thanks for listening, book thing. I appreciate you. See you soon.


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