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Monday, Mar 01, 2021
From JJ #5

    Hello darlings!

    *From the puppetmaster: Another different piece showcasing how Josie's phobia might materialize when she finally get out and about.*

    A shiver ran down her spine, as Josie turned towards the shop window and looked at the titles the bookstore had put on display. But that was not where her full attention was. Listening to the way his feet hit the pavement, she knew it would not be long before he was level with her.

    He, or someone of his ilk, had followed her since that morning. From leaving the condo above the bread maker, to the coffee cart for the first cup of the day, the city bus, the electronics store, the food truck. Everywhere she had gone that day. Josie even thought she might have been followed through La Perla and the grocery store.

    She could feel tendrils of fear spread through her body, while her heart sped up and her arms and legs felt like they were turning to rubber. The closer he got, and the louder the footfall sounded, the more erratic her heart was pounding in her chest.
    It was difficult not to look paranoid, looking first over one shoulder and then the other. Her face had begun turning pale hours ago when she began to suspect she was being followed, and now almost matched the color of the falling snow. Being a recent transplant to the city, she should have gone home much sooner, before darkness began to settle and streetlights ran along roads and sidewalks like predators on the hunt.

    Looking at the covers, her gaze continued to drift towards the reflections showing in the panes of glass. Nothing or no one was close enough to be seen yet, but the sound of hard-soled boots continued to sound in her ears.

    If only she could run, but home was in the wrong direction and Josie had not yet done enough exploring to know all the minor streets and passages. Back home she could have found her way bound, gagged, and blindfolded. But the chance was, whoever was following could do the same thing.

    "Seeing anything interesting?"

    Almost screaming at the surprise of someone standing next to her, Josie glanced down at his feet, getting a quick look at his footwear. There was nothing hard-soled about those boots. From the looks of it, he was someone who was smart wearing insulated wellies when not working in one of the big office buildings. Besides her own, that was the first pair she had seen outside the village she had called home for a few years.

    "Sorry I was distracted. Looking at the covers, in general, more than the titles, though I am sure they are all interesting reads in their own way."

    Josie could not tell him that she wasn't interested in reading right then, and her kindle was already filled to the edge of bursting. He was distracting her from keeping an eye on the road from where she knew whoever was following her would come. She had yet to ascertain a level of big city rudeness.

    "As much as I would like to talk, I really do have to go."

    Josie tried to edge away sideways before crossing the street, making it less obvious she was running, but she had too much of his attention. What was it about readers? They always loved to talk, whether it was about books in general, covers, and titles, and indies versus hybrids versus traditional publishing.

Posted at 02:20 pm
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