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Monday, Mar 01, 2021
From JJ #3

    Hello darlings!

    Moving from the middle of nowhere to a city made up of box-shaped living spaces is a weird experience. Almost a year in, I am beginning to wonder if I ever get used to it. I think I miss the organic aspect the most. I can move the furniture around, or change color, but I am very much limited by the walls around me. At least I am owning my space. I have heard some renters got it worse. Some of them are not allowed to put anything on the walls.

    The city is one of those heavens and hells turned into one. Being slightly phobic in social situations, the city is heaven. I am finally in a place where I can get everything from medication to groceries delivered twenty-four seven to my front door. For a moment I even considered the hairdresser, but I don't think I am that phobic (yet).

    Please do not worry too much my little darlettes. Life is not as bad as my words might make it sound. I am in heavy environmental training, making it very hard to escape reality. I live by a town square which is a busy market by day, and when darkness falls restaurants and bars move part of their business outside. When doors and windows are closed, I often listen to ASMR recordings found online. Very useful because they tend to make me fall asleep quickly, and my mind does not resist. At times though, they leave me more tired than usual and nap time becomes a prolonged affair.

Posted at 12:43 pm
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