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Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
Johnny's Story - PART 7

    Johnny’s heavy boots rang on the battered iron staircase as he descended relentlessly through the thick darkness.  His cigarette embers provided the only semblance of light.  He cursed under his breath as the spiral staircase groaned and swayed occasionally under his weight.  As far as he knew, the cathedral was alive and a bustling center of community just this morning.  Now his hands ran along railings coated in grime and spattered in rust.  Chipped paint nicked his palms in places but he continued downward with icy resolve.  He processed the world much like a beast would – not pondering the how and why of his circumstances, just alive to his senses, ready at any moment to respond with violence, and desperate to escape the once-hallowed cage he now found himself in.

    Exiting into a gloomy hallway he could see it opened into the main worship area somewhere behind the altar.  Moonlight streamed in through boarded windows like strands of a spider web.  He moved forward with the tense caution of a trapped animal, pausing to seize a three foot bronze candlestick that lay in the dust and debris.  The humid air stank with the thick smell of mold and rot and piss.

    Gripping the stick tightly and perhaps a bit shaken by his encounter in the belfry, he stepped out into the moonlight, ready to swing at whoever or whatever crossed his path.

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