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Tuesday, Feb 27, 2018
Not all that is wild.. is meant to be tamed..
    It seems to me as I sit by the embers of yester-eveís fire just as mornin breaks.. the twinkles of the heavens expanse giving way to the beams of new light cascading across the canopy of wood.. That what this world truly needs.. is to allow more of the wild to run free within its veins.. Iíve ran with the pride of other realms where a caffeinated brain and a hungover stupor were ever the norm.. Vanities begetting vanities as that which was meant to be a natural push to flush the body of its toxins and propel it to a more enlightened state was lost for the sake of an illusionary sense of purpose and vision.. Here.. in the wilds.. life is more simple.. Chasing prey is all the rush one needs.. save perhaps for the unsavory and unfortunate times in which one becomes the hunted.. yet it is all the same adrenaline.. the same heartbeat.. One never feels more alive..

Posted at 04:54 pm
  Louis Middleton on Wednesday, Mar 07, 2018 at 08:58 pm
    A simple meal is hardly simple given the right spice.. ~he smirks.. cooking over the camp stove by the bay.. pan frying some fresh caught salmon.. coconut oil and his own home blend of spices make the tender filet splay its flavors across ones palette.. The aroma filling the air.. beckoning to the hungers of any daring to come too close.. A wine mulling slowly upon the embers.. A perfect blend of primal flavors and refined delights..

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