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Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021
Gens Blog Entry Four

    *the camera comes into focus as Genesis sits on her bed once again*

    “Let’s see, for this entry we are gonna look at some of my friends. Mind you, there aren’t many.

    Dexter Gein. From the moment I moved into Azhi I was totally crushing on the man, however, he was sort of in a relationship so I kept my distance. I mean, I could barely talk to the man without getting tongue tied. We eventually fell into a good friendship/me stalking him. I didn’t think he would have feelings for me. I helped him on a case he was working on in New York. He’d been wounded and needed some help with a little digging around into people’s backgrounds. That was an easy enough job for me. I went to Cancun to clear my head a bit, and to my shock and awe, when I returned he presented me with a ring.

    *shows ring to the camera and mocks a swoon*

    When I left Lune Mortelle, I found myself knocking on Sprews door, asking to join Azhi. He accepted me wholeheartedly. I was intimidated as fvck by the man. Not long after, Livia took the reins. She is one awesome chic. I learned so much from her. She wasn’t just a good leader, she is a good person at the heart of her. I loves me some Livia.

    Kiernan and I were fast friends. He’s a good person to confide in.

    Edward Brollachan. Vampire. Scary. Well, not scary – intimidating. I don’t know him well, more like in passing, but he has always been kind to me.

    Valentin Metzger. He is like a big brother. If I ever had a problem I was too scared to take to anyone, I would turn to Valentin. I believe he would help me, and not judge me.

    Jackson McCarthy. We never got close, but he was great for picking pockets. He’s a laid back type. He has a calming effect on people.

    Addison. Oh, d@mn, what can I say about Addison? She’s a train wreck? A hot mess? She was a vampire before she was cleansed and became a slayer. Something went wrong in her cleansing though…the little freak still drinks blood…and man, she just doesn’t know the difference between good and bad in her actions. We are more like ‘frienemies’ than anything.

    I have other friends, but these people I mentioned by name have left a lasting impact on me. They are role models. Except Addison.

    They make me happy. Except Addison.”

    *gives a ‘peace’ hand gesture before the screen goes black.*

Posted at 12:11 am
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