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Wednesday, Mar 06, 2019
Survival Pt.2

    My eyes fixate on the two of them brawling in the corridor, and I saw a glimmer of a shiny blade. The strange man began slashing his blade at the darkened figure, and slashed a bit of the black cloak on them. That was when i noticed the mysterious figure. Fur emerged from the slash, and Claws began to form on the tip of the fingertips. Then, I felt a sharp pain emerge from my stomach. I glance down to see a gashing wound, in which was known as a shot wound. I sat down, hoping that I could stop the blood from pouring out. I rest my hand on my wound, when I hear the sudden cry of a man. My eyes look hazily towards the corridor, my eyesight growing worse, and saw the strange man lying on the ground, blood pouring out. Then, the mysterious figure emerged from the darkness, blood seeping from their claws. Then, my eyes closed, and I seeped into darkness.

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