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Sunday, Jul 29, 2018
Vaylin Mirror Demon
    The legend of Bloody Mary originated in European folklore during the late Middle Ages. It was said she was the tormented spirit of the violent Queen Mary I of England, who earned the nickname "Bloody Mary" for burning hundreds of religious dissenters at the stake. Her spirit resided in mirrors, appearing when called into view by repeating her name three times. She would either show the face of the caller's future husband or wife, or display a skull, indicating they would die before marriage. The legend evolved over the years, with more modern versions of the story portraying her as a pale, witch-like woman, wailing for her lost child and killing those who bring her forth.

    Many can be said about the history of Vaylin Aka Blood Mary however not many know her well. Even tho she tends to be out right sociopathic there is a nicer side for those she see worthy of this. However she rarely shows this to anyone it will have to take someone special to see who she truly is undernether her hard hides.

Posted at 04:50 am
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