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Saturday, Mar 09, 2019
Basics - OOC

    I feel as if this should all be able to go without saying, but with some recent confusion I've deemed it best I clear things up a bit. 


    Age- 25 **Definitely not a teenager.**

    Personality- He is focused on his job, and not much else. He's got things to do and won't let anyone stand in his way. That being said, when he is 'off duty' he's often kind and enjoys helping others when he can. 

    Job- Janus is the the reincarante of the Roman God Janus. Janus is the God of beginnings, doorways, gates, transitions, time, duality, passages and endings. He has no memory of what his name was before he died, he was only left with the memories and reminders of who he was and the mistakes he made. Part of his role is helping protect others from the same fate he faced in his mortal life. If he fails, he greets them at the gateway of Hell. Failure is not an option for him. More will be revealed about his life and profession as I continue to RP him with others.    This being said, please do not pretend to know who he is or what he is. All mail received will be considered IC unless stated otherwise.    Thanks for reading, Player behind Janus. (Ja-nus) 

Posted at 10:56 am
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