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Thursday, Oct 29, 2009
Tangled Webs
    So much has happened recently in Shayden's life that she is lost somewhere in it all. She appears to be on a path of rediscovery, and she is happy with some of the places she has found herself, and others have her slightly concerned.

    The changes are not easy to pick out, most of it is mental and emotional as well as in her abilities. Her path has brought her to a crossroads and down each alternate path is a road to happiness of sorts, and she is now at a loss of which direction to take.

    Currently she is preparing herself for a trip to the castle that was left to her by her guardian and sire Dimitrius. The castle had been his home for centuries before her time, and now it belonged to her. No, he was not turned to dust, he has simply gone into hiding for an extended amount of time. Her trip to the castle is for a few different reasons, the most important of which is to deal with some of the personal demons that have been haunting her for several months now.

    She will not be alone on this journey...

    -- more to come --

Posted at 02:05 pm
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