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Friday, Jun 28, 2019

    Name: Theo Barnas

    Vampire Name: Young Veducio Lambshod Barnas the third

    Age: Bitten at 18 - Current: 19

    Gender: Male

    Race: Vampire

    Other names: Theo



    Mannerisms: Fiddles with his hair a lot. Constantly cleaning his nails.

    Motivations: Endangerment of himself or his friends. Knowing more about vampires and meeting new monsters.

    Flaws: Stubborn, Clueless, Paranoid about the little things, Indecisive

    Talents: Cooking small meals, computer skills

    Hobbies: Hanging out, Video Games



    Theo is the cool but paranoid type. Being the teenager he is he tends to overthink things a lot and takes them too seriously. However being apart of the otherworldly group, that tends to be the proper response towards some situations he gets himself in.

    In general, Theo is a pretty decent person, although he's more often to help another person in order to help himself or a friend.

    He's not a fighter, and he usually ends up getting the sharp end of the stick because of this.


    Favorite Color: Gold / Orange

    Favorite Food: Pizza, Italian, Fast foods, Sours and sweets

    Favorite Possession: A relic from his master. / A photo in his wallet of his mom and him.

    Favorite Weapon: Doesn't like fighting but uses his nails if anything

    Favorite Animal: Ironically enough, cats



    Birthday: April 13, 1998

    Education: Graduated high school


    He was a pretty happy-go-lucky kinda kid. A couple months after graduating in the fall of 2016, a few weeks before his birthday he was attacked. In an alleyway by a rather nasty gang of guys that pretty much ended up almost killing him entirely. Until a stranger appeared and killed them off, and turned poor Theo into a vampire in order to save him.

    His master was named Veducio Lambshod. His years were ending and he was wanting to turn a worthy child into a vampire to carry on his bloodline, essentially also breaking the code at the same time as he ran off and left him to fend for himself after talking with him for a little bit. His mother doesn't know, and Theo tries to keep it all a secret even though he hardly know's at all what it means to be a vampire. And looks towards his friends for info.



    Mom: Theresa Barnes

    Dad: Unknown

    Siblings: None

    Relationships: None

    Pets: An orange fat cat named Tabasco.





    EXTRA NOTES//(If something is wrong, correct me!))

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