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Thursday, May 11, 2017
Scratching the Surface

    PLEASE NOTE: All information contained within this post is to be taken in an OOC context for story purposes, and is not to be known by a character generally unless discussed with me prior. Thank you.


    There was a general consensus among most Mortals that Angels were the 'perfect' beings. Creatures they knew existed, but could not describe in any regard. The thought really made any real Angel laugh, as they were far from perfect. At least those not actively in Heaven.

    The unfortunate truth about trying to convince the Mortals of anything, is that you couldn't. It was easy to waive off a group of people here or there as being high or drunk when it came to something superstitious, especially with Angels. Then there were the few, the believers. There were at least two things of major note for this particular Angel. He did not hide his wings, and those who met his gaze and were weak of will, often found themselves on the floor. Not because he did anything mind you. Staring into the eyes of a man who literally collected souls? Well, that tended to make it feel just like you were losing yours. Wouldn't be a pleasant feeling for anybody in the end.

    A sheen of static flashed across the screen for a moment, until all that could be seen was Kiernan's face, opaque eyes devoid of pupils, sclera only, studying those on the other side for a moment in concern. 

    "You sure there's supposed to be a red light on for this?" He asked an unknown person. In response, there was a lizard-like chirrup from behind. "Don't give me that attitude!" For a brief moment, the view shifted upwards, and did a 180 to stare at an upholstered couch. "Yeah.. the Rec thing is flashing. Think I got it this time." Another 180 set the viewpoint onto a simple lazy-boy.

    From that position, the room looked like a studio apartment, with a bed off to the left that looked more like a nest as opposed to a place any person would actually sleep. In fact, there was a silvery dragon curled up on it, staring at the chair. Well, not so much the chair, but the man making his way to sit in it. Er, Angel, that is. The rest of the apartment looked rather plain, painted an earthy brown, with dots of yellow across a black ceiling. Shields and other medieval weaponry were interspersed along the walls as decoration. Oddly enough, there was a stand with wheels, such as most high-schools had with a CRT TV on top next to the bed, with a DVD player attached resting on a lower shelf.

    The Angel himself was shirtless - It looked like this place was what he considered home. Although he was tanned to a degree, his skin was far from smooth or free of blemishes. Across where his heart would lie was what seemed to be a deep gouge, long healed over in a tone much whiter than the rest of his chest. That, and another mark that went from directly under his right nipple down to his hip, underneath the top of his jeans. Night black wings spilled over the arm rests, though it didn't appear to bother the man.

    With a satisfying sigh, the Angel plopped down into the chair on-screen. "Well, you're probably wondering what's up with this aren't you?" A slight tilt of his head had him looking askance from the focal point of the screen. "No, that wasn't meant for you. Shut up." A curious chirrup came from behind him as the Dragon lifted it's neck and gave him a concerned look, of which the Angel paid no mind to.

    Continuing as if uninterrupted, he made a half bow while sitting. "Kiernan Tigra, at your service." A puzzled look came over him as he paused. "No.. at your service isn't right. Whatever." A brisk shake of his head. "I've decided to explain more of myself than I have in quite some time. I'd tried using a computer, but f*ck those things. Took me 20 minutes to get you turned on, let alone trying to get the proper software on a computer.." He trailed off, fidgeting in his seat with embarrassment and lacing his fingers together. He was missing the majority of his right middle finger from this angle.

    "I might be a tad unorthodox, but I've always been a straightforward one I'd think. For the longest time, I lived for fighting. Didn't matter who or what, as long as it put up some sort of fight." Pausing briefly, he shook his head. "I guess that isn't entirely true. I used to live you know? Like all the Mortals around here." He waved a hand at a nearby window, which had the shades pulled down so as to not give any true hints as to where he was. "The details of that come and go." It was plain his voice was tinged with sadness and frustration at that. "I've never been one to like not knowing something, but not knowing my own past to it's fullest? Not good."

    "Anyways, I used to be a Mortal. I recall living to be in my mid-thirties then --" The man made an odd splatting noise with his mouth, "Flattened by a car. I had a sister too! Moir--Mar--- f*ck!" A fist met cushion against the chair, agitation evident as he seemed to struggle remembering another detail of another life. With an obvious effort, Kiernan leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes for several long moments. Taking a moment longer, he brushed black and silver streaked hair from his face as he looked at the screen to continue."I've tried looking for my family before, but it's hard to find somebody you can't remember any details about y'know? That, and wondering if she'd even want this for a brother either." Sighing heavily, he looked bleak for a few moments.

    "I think that, the not remembering stuff, is part of what made me so unpredictable at first. I spent some time in Heaven, and ultimately got kicked out. Turns out they don't take too kindly to killing other Angels." A malevolent smile graced his features for a few seconds."Damn near took God himself to force me out. And now he sits in my head to give me sh!t at every turn." With a bit of a sour expression, Kiernan turned in his seat, exposing his back. Reaching around he pulled his left wing out of place to reveal a dimly glowing seal. "Gabriel and a few other Arch Angels did this, and for the longest time it locked away a majority of what I could do. Hasn't really helped my viewpoint of the rest of Angel-kind either." Kiernan harrumped as he re-situated himself in his seat, a thin blue tendril flickered across the screen originating from what remained of his right middle finger. With it, came a wince of pain from Kiernan, but after a few moments it winked out of existence. "Learned I could do that after a run-in with a coven that had yet to make a name for itself."

    Shaking his head, Kiernan gave a small smile to the screen. "Addison is helping me figure out exactly what that seal means, though we haven't really started past getting a physical copy of it, but even that is leaps and bounds past what I ever hoped for." Still smiling he leaned forward. It seemed he was making an effort not to ramble too much. Trying, and likely failing. "Family and all that stuff yeah? Anger." Nodding to himself, knowing he was repeating himself while re-organizing his thoughts. "For the longest time I sort of just existed, killing anybody that really looked at me funny. That or if they smelled on the brink of Death since that's kind of my thing." Holding out his right hand, a small bluish orb materialized, hovering a couple inches above his palm before fading away. There was the faintest of whistling noises, as if the soul was calling out.

    "Oh! That reminds me!" Standing, he went around the chair to the TV stand near the bed, and wheeled it over so it was plainly visible. "Part of why I'm so different now you see." He explained. "Well, there's a few things that preface this, but nothing really important. Being a part of Atonement. Bastet, Clare, Juliet." Shaking his head he sighed, genuinely sad that Atonement was gone. "Atonement fell while I was going through a period of just.. existing, we'll say. I lost Mercy to that once." Glazing over any finer details, he continued. "I came to Ahzi out of refuge initially. I didn't know where else to go; Not when I knew nobody else in the Realm. Seika suggested I join up. Without much pomp and circumstance I was here." He made a sweeping motion across his front, as a bit of a 'tada' gesture. "Still. I was quiet. Kept to myself for the longest of times, and only in the past year and a half have I started interacting again. I didn't know what I wanted, and I'm still not sure I do. Death for others, friends to be comfortable and trusting with, or a family of one form or another. That's where this comes in." Patting the cart, almost affectionately, Kiernan leaned over and made sure the connected DVD player still had the right disc loaded.

    "I've always been a quiet person too." The sentence was almost mumbled, as if not really meant for the screen to catch. "Never really wore anything gaudy, and when I had clanky equipment, I knew how to silence it while I worked. Gets rather hard to be quiet when what you came to do involves a hospital... and the father of a young but dying girl eh?" This, was spoken louder as he explained. Sympathy, sadness, and contempt filled his voice while his face twisted in an almost unreadable expression as he hit play on the device. "I had to go back and retrieve all this security footage so the government wouldn't have any major records of me. Nasty event that was." Pointing to the TV, Kiernan went quiet as he walked behind the screen, lifting the viewpoint to be even with and centered on the TV. 

    *Walking along a bright white hallway, much like any other Hospital, Kiernan clad in a black tank top and denim jeans made his way through the building. Mortals stopped their work and stared at him as he passed, amazed at seeing an Angel, not to mention the fact that he looked like a man on a mission.*"Death always attracts me.." Kiernan muttered behind the screen. *Overall, the venture into the building was quiet. None barred his path, even when he walked into a room where a young girl was very plainly coughing her lungs out. Her condition had grown so bad that she was coughing up blood. The viewpoint of the video shifted constantly, keeping Kiernan in frame, allowing a direct viewing of the young patient's room. Oddly enough, the young girl welcomed Kiernan with open arms and excitement; After all, even with night black wings he still was an Angel to her. Kiernan reached out and placed his hand at the base of her neck as if comforting her. There was no resistance, no physical movement or anything, but the girl slumped visibly and moved no more.

    The sound of a flat-lining heart monitor came on-screen, as well as the shouts of an angry father, begging Kiernan to give his little girl back, to heal her instead of take her. Initially, Kiernan had simply pushed the man away as he made his way from the room. After all, his work at the building was done for the moment it seemed. Kiernan had made it no further than a single step into the hallway before a metal chair met the back of his head. It was plain to any on-lookers that he'd been knocked unconscious. Nobody moved to stop the man that was the little girl's father from dragging Kiernan back into the patient's room. After all, they'd all heard the shouts of disbelief from the man at losing his daughter, and that this Angel was supposedly the cause of it.*

    Kiernan's hand reached out from behind the viewpoint of the screen and hit the fast-forward button on the DVD player. "Not much to see here.." He muttered until it flipped to him in an operating room with a doctor over-looking him.

    *They were trying to figure out how Kiernan worked inside, to see if the father could get the soul of his daughter back. The Doctor seemed more than willing to help since Kiernan wasn't exactly a Mortal as well. Kiernan began to visibly stir, and as he did so the Father attempted to tie him to the operating table as the Doctor began to open Kiernan's chest with a scalpel. The blade had made the incision complete when Kiernan awoke. The devastation he wrought upon them was not a pretty sight, for any. Not to mention he had to use his soul tendril as a stitch to keep his chest in one-piece while he fought them off at a clear advantage, even in his wounded state. In the end, the Doctor ended up with a scalpel in his forehead, and the father with his head on backwards.*

    A loud knock sounded at Kiernan's apartment door, making him jump, and so shaking the viewpoint of the screen. Setting it back on the stand it had originally been on, Kiernan stepped into view to stop the playback of the DVD, shouting out at the door. " F*ch dieses. Warum willst du mich nicht einfach allein lassen?" Stopping, Kiernan put a hand to his mouth as if he hadn't known what he said before frowning. Turning around quickly, he reached for the viewpoint that he'd just set down.

    Static flashed again, with Kiernan sitting back in his chair and a glimpse of his tendril faded as everything focused on him once more. The cart with the TV was off to the side by the shuttered window, plainly not to be used any further. "My reasoning for showing you that wasn't for the gore, if you were wondering." He shook his head ever so slightly. "Three times I've been married you see. Twice was during my time of seeking, where things were much more violent than before and I didn't know what I wanted from life. Now.." He paused and gave a bit of a cackle, "Who'm I kidding, I've probably f*cked this one too. But, I'd wanted somebody to be close enough that I would fight that hard for, and would hands down fight as hard for me as that man did for his daughter. Kind of hard to do when you're rather distanced from everything isn't it?"

    Shifting in his seat, Kiernan draped his legs over the arm-rest to get comfortable. "Even going along that line of thought is jumping over a lot of what I am isn't it? A Death Angel, partially crazy, but wanting a family of some sort or another." He cut off with a harsh laugh that had him doubled over as far as he could in his seat. "Don't really think I have any family right now honestly. Aside from Little One back here. I think he's just too stubborn to leave. He's still considered a hatchling by Dragon standards after all. That, and he's not from this timeline I think." With rueful smile to the camera, Kiernan went quiet as he considered what more did he really want to cover.

    Holding a hand up, he tallied off the things he'd covered. "A nearly seven year-old Death Angel that started as a Mortal, with a sister still alive in Germany somewhere no less! Carries souls to Purgatory as punishment for being a violent resident of Heaven, shifting Sanctuaries due to war and having no real home, having a loose grip on reality for the longest time, coming to terms with what I am and wanting to be closer with those I trust, and wanting a family of some sort or another." His head lolled back as he gave that some consideration. "That about covers most of who I am really. The details don't matter quite so much any longer right? Not with how long gone most of it is anymore. The point is that I'm home at Ahzi."

    With a smile he sat up a little straighter, though one leg still draped over the arm-rest. "Genesis and Addi seem to like me. Not so sure on how much at the moment, but still. Haven't heard from my wife in nearly four months now, but I guess that's life. Ahzi is growing again, though I've only talked with a couple of you." He pointed at the viewpoint, making it obvious that he didn't intend to reveal much of this to anybody outside of Ahzi, if at all. 

    "Life, such as it is, is pretty okay right now." The smile seemed a bit forced, but he meant it. Even as tumultuous as things were he was still alive and here. "Welp. I don't think I can say much more without rambling more than I have already. C'mon Little One, say goodbye." The Dragon jumped from the bed and scampered across the linoleum, his claws clicking loudly. After a moment, a silvery head with luminescent yellow eyes popped into view and chirruped, tilting side-ways as if to examine those on the other side of the screen. "Alright, that's enough of that." Standing, Kiernan shoo'd the little creature away as he reached for the viewpoint. "Kiernan, signing off folks."

    With one last burst of static - all was quiet.

Posted at 06:13 pm
  anonymous on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 09:17 pm
    My gosh! How can you write multiple paragraphs like that?
  Kiernan Tigra on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 09:32 pm
    Lots of time, more or less. It took me three days to write out everything I wanted to get down as well as revise it so I was satisfied with it.. The way I write makes it almost impossible for me personally to write in smaller chunks, haha. I've always written like this, though not in such a HUGE single post story. Typically more along the lines of five to six sizable paragraphs in a night. *smiles* As a note as well - this was written back in February, so it's been awhile since I put it to paper.

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