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Monday, Nov 28, 2016
OOC - Daily Correspondence ~pending admin?~ 11.27.16

    Originally Sent By: That Girl
    Sent: Sunday Nov 27, 2016 at 23:37 pm EST
    Subject: RE: OOC
      All my responses were in character. I'm sorry you seem to have taken this so hard, OOC. You didn't have to respond however. This will be my last response to you. Please forward this to the admin you sent your message to confirm I have received and responded with my acknowledgment.
    Have a good night.

    Originally Sent By: Ronan Boru
    Sent: Sunday Nov 27, 2016 at 23:32 pm EST
    Subject: OOC
      YOu really  need  to  keep  my  char  out of  your  crap .I  dont  know  you and  I  dont  care  to  so  kiss off. and  FYI  ROnan is  the  Actor  who  played ROBB Stark  so  that  wasnt a  photoshopped  pic. YOu  need to  keep  any of   them  out of  your  "Paper" .I  dont  know  you  IC  and I  sure as  hell  dont  want to  know  you OOC.So GO  AWAY!!! oh and  I  am  making  sure a  Admin gets  this so  they  can see I told you  all of  this OOC.
    The  player  behind Ronan

Posted at 12:39 am
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