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If there's a reason I'm still alive
When everyone who loves me has died
I'm willing to wait for it.
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Born: February 18, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 1
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03/26/20 at 10:40 pm
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Cadence James

Ice Queen
Headless Journalist

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Mortal ThoughtsRealm Bulletin Board: RP Classifieds
Created by Castiel
RealmFresh Blood
Created by Heinrich Luneberg
Cadence James 02/22/20 *pretends to get shot*
*makes a very convincing corpse with her tongue out*
*opens one eye. Then the next*
Well, you can't argue with that logic. Obviously.
Cadence James 02/22/20 Well, I suppose I could think of worse faces to be plastered all over the realm.
Cadence James 02/21/20 *scrunches nose*
I knew it. I could just smell delicate all over you.
Donít worry. Obviously Iíll protect you.
Iíll see you there. Just be warned, I can eat an insane amount of popcorn, and I donít need any judgement.
*gave him a bright smile*
See you soon, Jared.
*flounced off*
*harder than it looked in three inch heels*
*still managed*
Cadence James 02/21/20 *gives a very serious nod*
Donít worry. I know itís your first time. Iíll be gentle, promise.
*couldn't help herself*
*stuffs pen back in her purse*
Oh, no. It would be for purely selfish reasons. Itís hard to, you know, get ahold of a person if they have no mode of communication. Obviously.
*oh right. Names. Oops!*
*takes the outstretched hand and gives a soft shake*
Nice to meet you, Jared. Iím Cadence, or Cadie, whatever works for you.
Cadence James 02/19/20 *sighs very loudly and obviously overdramatically*
Fine, fine.
*shuffles around in her purse and pulls out a pen and a reciept, scribbling on the back of it.*
*hands him the paper*
This is an address and a time. Show up there.
I'm not sure what's going to be playing, so we can both be surprised.
*wide smile*
Also...there is a very real possibility that I'm going to buy you a cellphone.
Because that's just wrong.
Cadence James 02/19/20 No, it's definitely not a drug
Though you keep bringing them up, so I'm going to take that as a hint that you actually do want drugs.
Not that I would know anything about those...
*tries to look innocent*
*fails miserably*
I'm going to need your number right about now.
I do have a cellphone, right?
Cadence James 02/19/20 *laces her fingers together*
You're welcome for that obviously perfect run down of a fairly flawed film.
I feel like I should be getting some kind of compensation from them, but whatever.
And, yes your face. I'm know...hitting on you or anything.
I'm just very honest.
Oh, and I am so taking you to the cinema. It's kind of weird, honestly, that you haven't been.
*gasps and points*
OH. My God. Are you on Rumspringa?
I mean, you do have that beard going but I wouldn't guess you to be Amish.
Amia Norwood 02/19/20 "Your very welcome"
Amia Norwood 02/19/20 Coming from the darkness a young witchling with her black cat comes to welcome the stranger "welcome Sir to the realm"
Ice Queen 02/19/20 Ice looked at the male smile and tries to copy, showing her razor sharp teeth. "Verily pleased to meet ye Jared" looking down at the floor of grey stones and frowns.
Cadence James 02/19/20 *watches him*
*oh heís serious*
*ponders* your parents die in front of you, inherit boatloads of money, and decide the best thing to do with it is become a masked vigilante. Then thereís something with caves and a bat, but that was more the Christian Bale version and honestly I wasnít paying much attention to that besides Christian Bale.
*gestures to his face*
Itís a good thing you have all that going for you. Though I do feel that itís my like...civic force you to watch these movies.
Liam Moore 02/19/20 "Welcome to the realm"
Jack Angiers 02/19/20 Grasping the manís hand, Jack returns a solid handshake. ďIím Jack. Pleased to meet you, Jared. When I say crazy, I mean it in a good way of course. We only cook up the locals on Thursdays.Ē

Handing the man a card with his cell phone number on it, Jack smiles. ďYou need anything, give me a holler.Ē
Briahne Christiann 02/18/20 Quite the following already Mr. Jenkins, very nice. Welcome to the party then, if you need any help, let us know.
Beau Theroux 02/18/20 "If ya ever need help, feel free to drop by my bar in New Orleans. It's the one with the big wolf, can't miss it."
Cadence James 02/18/20 *takes that moment to pose. Obviously*
Nope, no leaves. Just an impeccably coiffed hairdo.
And, ew, no. Not really. I mean Iím -good- with plants but that doesnít mean I necessarily like them.
Honestly itís like being an amazing painter and hating the smell of paint.
And have you seriously never seen Batman and Robin? I mean yeah. Of the franchise it was kind of a stinker I guess.
Ice Queen 02/18/20 Ice places her bow back upon her back, then crouched down. Her eyebrow raised " verily strange male if ye got to think to hard. I be Ice"
Cadence James 02/18/20 I donít...
I mean...
You do see that Iím not actually made of plants, right?
*makes face*
I donít look like Iím made of plants, do I?
Because I really donít want to have to go home and change. Again.
Jack Angiers 02/18/20 Noticing a tall drink of water with a beard, Jack can't help but say hello. Putting on his best smile, he wanders over.

"Welcome to the realm. I'm sure you're still getting your feet and all, but if you're looking for a safe haven with a band of crazy people, I know just the place. "

Beau Theroux 02/18/20 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Cadence James 02/18/20 *scrunches face*
But are you offering? Because Iím not going to, you know, turn them down.
Mostly I just like to grow things.
Iím pretty much Poison Ivy but with better fashion choices.
Ice Queen 02/18/20 Ice tilts her head looking at the male "welcome to dah forsaken realm male"
Cadence James 02/18/20 So, hi, youíre new and I totally get that.
But you definitely look like the kind of guy that knows where to get like primo dirt.
And Iím definitely always looking for good dirt.
Kira Garrett 02/18/20 Welcome to the Realm
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