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Richard LaMonte 09/23/19 While his words could easily be misconstrued as a compliment, Rich was speaking simple facts. He was comfortable enough in his masculinity to acknowledge another male's obvious appeal to others. A soft snort escaped him at the man's words. "They may call you names, or rude, or a douche so be prepared for that." Broad shoulders rolled, a tick he had picked up given the numerous uncomfortable situations he found himself involved in as of late.

Richard's gaze snapped to the male's hand. Slowly his eyes returned back to meet his companion's before finally accepting his grasp in a firm shake. "I'm Richard. Though, most just call me that @sshole. If my experiences can help another traverse this weird @ss place a little easier, who am I to keep it to myself?"
Kellie_Auber 09/22/19 A small chuckle escapes her lips as she shakes the red locks. "Carpe Noctem is a coven. A house of sorts. We have a bunch of people who work together or those like me."
Elowen Jocosta 09/22/19 Wen lifted her hand in a slight wave, her fingers all moving seperatly as she smiled brightly at the man. "Well, it was interesting to meet you. Still determining if it was nice. I'm leaning to yes but I guess I'll make the final decision if we ever cross paths again. Enjoy yourself Finnick. I hope you find the pleasure you were looking for."
Raven D Morningstar 09/21/19 "Awesome to meet you Finnick! Hope you enjoy your stay!" She gave a wave and went on her way.
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19
"They tend to swarm attractive males, it would seem."The male's demeanor reminded Richard much of his own once the shock of entering what was called 'The Realm' had worn off. "Hm, you could say that. I wasn't necessarily receptive to such eager offers and welcomes. Needless to say, I am not so popular." A nonchalant shrug of his shoulders showed just how little he cared on the subject. Friends weren't a resource he found himself in need of so why try? "The flirtation will come. Some are not so subtle about it."
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 A laugh danced between them as she brushed strands of brown hair behind her ears. She was assessing him, putting to momemory the face to his name and placing him in the box of people that didn't liked touched. Wen was strange, her mind was a mess and frankly she was way to touch my but she was wholly her honest self. She didnt want to have to pretend to fit in the same bubble as everyone around her because shecessnt the same. She was a creature stuck in two different worlds and neither of the two had become comfortable to her.

"I think we can call it a tie. An equal amount of uniqueness."
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 Wen listened as he trailed on about the history of his names and the origin of his comings. Finn and Nicholas becomes Finnick. She was right. Very interesting indeed she would have to make sure to remember it. "Finnick." She let this name roll around on her tongue. "Finnick." She repeated it one more time, slightly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Elowen. That's what it's short for. A nurse picked it out for me son e my mother couldnt be bothered. It doesnt fit me very well. It's very....classy." She smiled and then let them fall into comfortable silence.
Raven D Morningstar 09/21/19 It's a pleasure! *the small female gave a smile* Should you need help again just give me a shout. Name is Raven! *she handed a card over with contact information should he ever need it*
_Nyx_ 09/21/19 *The cat purrs loudly and starts to lick your hand with her rough tongue.*
Richard LaMonte 09/21/19 -squint-
"Getting bombarded by welcomes and offers of assistance?"
-arches a brow-
"Maybe a bit of vague flirtation mixed in?"
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 “Mostly emotional distress and booze. That’s what the realm offers to most people but don’t let it deter you. My opinions aren’t to be trusted.” She smiled slightly before curling her arms around herself, her brown eyes studying the man before her. “So Finnick, that’s a fun name.”
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 -looks at removed hand-
-drops it to her side-
"Nice to meet you, potentially. I guess I don't really know if it's nice or not but we will pretend it is because society says we should be cordial."
-clears throat-
"Sorry, so what brings you to town?"
Ashlyn Starling 09/21/19 Ashlyn blinked and let out a small giggle when the male took the basket and ran. She smiled, watching the male before shaking her head and waved.
"You are welcome and I hope you enjoy the cookies." She called after him and giggled once more, glad she had left her business card into the basket just in case he wanted more cookies. Humming softly, she turned and headed off.
Liam Moore 09/21/19
"Oh I am so sorry where are my manners, I am Liam Moore at your service for anything and everything you need."
Elowen Jocosta 09/21/19 -sees new face-
-tilts head-
-walks up to-
-places hand on shoulder-
"Hello, I'm Wen."
Josie Collins 09/21/19 -pulls book away from face to look at new person-
-makes face-
Ugh, people.
-sticks nose back in book-
Liam Moore 09/21/19 "You are very welcome, if you need any assistance with anything at all please just let me know."
Gives a charming smile.
_Nyx_ 09/21/19 *You feel something against your leg. It is a black cat rubbing herself against you, with a noticeable white diamond-shaped birthmark on her left eye. She looks at you and mews.*
Ashlyn Starling 09/20/19 Ashlyn walked up to the newcomer with a basket of homemade cookies as she tilted her head and offered the basket. "Welcome to the realm.I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun." Her voice soft and quiet when she spoke.
Kenna Callaghan 09/20/19 Kenna blinks, staring at the newcomer. “You look like a low budget Taylor. Well, welcome and all that jazz.”
Virelai Tylwyth 09/20/19 Yule sat in an out of the way library, the first time in days that she had stayed still for more than a few moments. Out of the way, at a small oak desk, she drew out a little black, leather-bound book, a pen, a few pieces of paper, a stick of red wax, a lighter, and a metal stamp engraved with a spider lily. Opening the book she ran her fingers down the page, finding the symbols and strange letters that indicated the new arrivals to the Realm.

Short and sweet she penned a letter to each of them in elegant script. You've come at a fantastic time. It said. Ne're a dull moment. Then she enclosed a small gift, folding the paper over itself before flicking the lighter to life and holding it against the stick of wax against the seam. She let the red liquid drip, forming a small pool. And then she took the stamp and pressed it into each, one at a time, holding it there until the shape had a chance to take and dry a bit.

When she was finished, a twist of her wrist and a small bit of magic, sent each of the letters to their intended recipient. With luck, it would prove useful to them.
Liam Moore 09/20/19 "Welcome to the realm"
Raven D Morningstar 09/20/19 Welcome to the realm!
Kellie_Auber 09/20/19 "On behalf of Carpe Noctem, welcome to the realm. May your stay be long and joyous."
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