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Christine Nightshade


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Born: June 04, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: Arcadia Mail Replies Sent: 240
Home City: Bloemfontein Mail Sent: 18
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05/21/18 at 3:47 pm
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Christine Nightshade's Biography
I'm up for any rp Have you ever wondered what path your life should take? This is a question I have often asked myself since I was 13 years old. You might think that 13 is too young to be thinking of things like that but when you're the daughter of the Pack Alpha you can't help but wonder..

My father was once the strong leader of a large pack of werewolves. With my mother by his side he could do anything. Unlike most pack Alpha's my father wasn't disappointed when I was born. He began grooming me to take over his spot and never once thought to marry me off to the a strong werewolf who could be Alpha. I took all of his lessons to heart but in the end I felt that I was meant for more than leading a single pack of werewolves. So instead of becoming the Pack Alpha that title went to my cousin Alaric. We were so close growing up that I knew he would rule the way I would have.

My purpose in life is healing others and that's what I've set out to do, but don't mistake me for a weakling because I can and will defend myself if I'm ever put in the position to do so.

Lately I've been having dreams of someone I once knew...I feel drawn to her and I know that one day soon I will see her again...Time will only tell how much our lives have changed since that day we met so long ago.

(Name:) Christine Nightshade

(Age:) 25

(Height:) 5'6

(Hair color:) golden blond curls

(Eye color:) blue



(Sexual Orientation) Bi-sexual

(Dressed:) dresses and a black cloak

(Family:) unknown

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Cristina Scabbia

Katarina Black

Faia Shiria

Raven Black
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Camille Hammond




Blood Maw

Zeleena Nightblade

Last five threads posted in:
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RealmLearning The Truth
Created by Katarina Black
Issabo Fitzpatrick 05/19/18 "You have been warned. " i spoke twirling my hair around my finger.
Issabo Fitzpatrick 05/18/18 Looking her up and down I licked my lips begin nibbling on my bottom lip. " careful when I get bitten I got all hot and bothered."
Katarina Black 05/18/18 Katarina held her friend and rubbed her back. "We'll figure out what happened but for now you need rest"
Katarina Black 05/18/18 Katarina nodded as see leaned against the dresser. "Well I think you should refrain from shifting for awhile...It sounds as if you shifted during an intense moment and your wolf took over"
Katarina Black 05/17/18 After getting some clothes from her room Katarina walked back to the guest room and saw Chrissy standing there in a robe. "Are you feeling a bit better"
Katarina Black 05/16/18 When Katarina got her friend back to the house she took her to one of the many guest rooms. She then continued on to the private bath that was attached. She sat Chrissy down on the toilet and got a bath running. Once the water was at the right height she turned it off. Katarina lifted her firend up and helped her into the water. "I'm going to get you some clothes while you take a bath"
Blood Maw 05/16/18 You managed to break out Christine Nightshade.
Zeleena Nightblade 05/16/18 Zeleena smirk and come closer to her "See no need to bear those teeth of your unless you plan to use them for other reason" Grinning wickedly teasing her.
Katarina Black 05/16/18 Katarina sighed softly as she helped her friend to her feet. She conjured a blanket and wrapped it around her. "Let's get you to my house and figure out what made you lose your mind"
Issabo Fitzpatrick 05/16/18 Seeing the wolf's teeth I bent forward and smiled showing off my own pearly whites. "Awe, you're so adorable. Do you like mine?"
Katarina Black 05/16/18 Katarina caught the wolf and slammed her to the ground as a feral snarl vibrated her throat. She summoned her magic and bared her canines. "Shift Christine...Shift right this minute that's an order" she demanded using her magic to enforce her words.
Katarina Black 05/16/18 A low growl vibrated Katarina's throat as her inner wolf surged to the surface. "Stand down or I'll make you...That's an order" she demanded instinctively as she watched the aggressive wolf getting bolder. "I'm not one you want to tangle with girl"
Clara Vaughn 05/15/18 Thank you.
Blood Maw 05/15/18 "A hunt would be nice. I haven't gone on a hunt in a while." He nodded his head.
Blood Maw 05/15/18 He nuzzled her back. This was new to him. "Yes new friends are always nice."
Blood Maw 05/15/18 He tilted his head as she complimented his eyes. "They are only eyes I have so thank you." He sat beside her. "I not sure we meet I know not many in our group."
Blood Maw 05/15/18 "Sorry me not see you before I thought was new." He looked down sad that he was being foolish.
Blood Maw 05/15/18 BM walks up to the new member his jet black fur shimmering. He gives her a sniff and a nod. "Welcome."
Zeleena Nightblade 05/15/18 Shifts in to her demon form as her snow white hair shins in the light " you my pretty little whole now put those teeth away before i tie you down for a spanking" Smirks wickedly
Zeleena Nightblade 05/15/18 Smirks as her eyes shift from Green to red " Is that right... I may enjoy playing with you little pup" Giggles watching the Wolf closely.
Zeleena Nightblade 05/15/18 Smiles and bows Thank you sweet Wolf I look forward to an adventure Winks with a mischiev grin upon her face.
Katarina Black 05/15/18 Katarina watches silently as the wolf circles her. It's one she hasn't seen in years and she can't help but feel that there is something different about it.
Issabo Fitzpatrick 05/15/18 I look forward to it
_Brayden_ 05/14/18 thank you for your kind words hand's her a red rose and smiles.
Beau Theroux 04/07/18 "Thank you, kindly."
Caitlyn Darrow 08/30/17 Thank youu!
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 Congratulations on ranking!
Ellie Mae 07/06/17 Thank you for the welcome!
Dovima Bastet 07/03/17 Thank you!
Sofia Johanneson 07/03/17 Fia smiles and gives a friendly nod at the recognition.
"Thank you"
Azazelle Ixielle 06/26/17 Thank you
Katarina Black 06/06/17 Katarina smiled as she tucked a stray curl behind her ear. "You do seem familiar...My name is Katarina Valentine"
Katarina Black 06/06/17 Katarina smiled as she looked at the woman. "You are quite welcome...If you are ever looking for sanctuary please contact the leaders of Solitude"
Katarina Black 06/05/17 Welcome to the realm
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