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Born: June 08, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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”Intimidated, old traumas triggered, and fearing for my safety, I did what I felt I needed to do.”
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Annika Black

Rune Starborne

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Rune Starborne 06/12/18 Noticing the discomfort she nods knowing why it may be. "Don't worry about that friend I have you a touch of luck." She smiles trying to comfort her a little.
Rune Starborne 06/12/18 Rune starts to laugh a almost evil laugh at the comment about her smile. Being mischievous in nature she some what loved it is like a funny intended joke. "Well I have truly I hexedmy manager before quiting." She smirks.
Cersei Lannister 06/11/18 Of course, little dove!
Maya Hall 06/11/18 It's not in Maya's nature to be friendly, so when another stranger approached her, she instinctively drew back. Eyeing the woman up and down, she donned a wary expression, the smile not returned.

"I... Listen, thanks for the welcome, but I-- Wait.." Suddenly, she perked up, drawing in conspiratorially. "Is there a new strain out here? How much?"
Imogen Moreau 06/11/18 Imogen took the piece of paper. "Don't people just put their number right into the other person's phone nowadays? This is so retro - I love it."
Imogen Moreau 06/11/18 "Jessica. Noted. Believe it or not, I think you're the first Jessica I've ever met. Congratulations."
Rune Starborne 06/11/18 Rune slowly looks towards the young woman and smiles her normal forced smile. "My name is Rune...Starborne it's nice to meet you darling." She gently takes her hand shaking it as the girl's hand becomes a little numb.
Naoto Nishida 06/10/18 Naoto gave a goofy smile "Thank you!" he took her hand giving it a firm shake "I'm Naoto, nice to meet you!" he chirped.
Imogen Moreau 06/10/18 Imogen's lips form into a slight smile as the blonde reaches her hand out in greeting toward the stranger. "Thank you."
Annika Black 06/08/18 *Giving her hand a shake she said" A pretty name and how rude am I, my name is Annika Black." Giving her a smile.
Annika Black 06/08/18 *Chuckling she said" some say I have social skills like a poisonous flower." Giving her a smile. She asked" Who am I speaking to if I may ask your name?" She asked her with a small curve of a smile on her face.*
Quinn Abernathy 06/08/18 -watches-
Annika Black 06/08/18 *Seeing the newcomer she smiled" hello, welcome to the realm if you need any poisons to kill your enemy or a poison to kill a town or any spell books or artifacts come to my Shop, you can't miss it." Giving the newcomer a smile and her card.*
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