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Atticus Hammond
Killed: April 12, 2019 at 09:32 am EDT
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Wholesome dad vibes only~
Born: August 15, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 24
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 3020
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 110
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Biggest, most grateful of thank you's to Camille Hammond for a very lovely bio.
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Realm Longbottom
2017 Winter Bloodies ~ Best New Character
2018 Summer Bloodies - Most Improved Writer
2018 Summer Bloodies - Best 70s Pornstache
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ContestsSummer Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Contests2017 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Hubbae*sent from Camille’s phone*
-cue tasteful shot of Jasper in women’s lingerie-

Cackling and probably on way too many mushrooms, he tosses her phone back on her bed and hightails it out of her room to avoid being caught.
Mackenzie 11/26/18 Daniel-san
Hardly. Ask anyone.
Mackenzie 11/26/18 Daniel-san
Mackenzie 10/11/18 Daniel-san
[Insert explicit wisdom about men and lacking in conscience here.]
Mackenzie 10/11/18 Daniel-san
Mackenzie 10/11/18 Daniel-san
Why not?
Sofia Johanneson 10/11/18 Fia nods her head, knowing only a fraction of what he is talking about, but understanding.. enough. "Yes well, Welcome to Temporary Home. Maybe you will make it more permanent? There is actually room in the fridge because it's not taken up with orange juice. she let's out a small laugh. "Should you need a friendly, familiar face to chat with, please don't hesitate to stop by and say hello. My rooms just down the hall that way."
Sofia Johanneson 10/11/18 Fia tilted her head a bit in question, trying not to furrow her brow much and blinked again. "Are you.. visiting, or have you also found a new home here? Please don't take offense, but I was a little surprised to see you."
Sofia Johanneson 10/11/18 Fia turned the corner and recognized a familiar face. "Hello again, fancy meeting you here!"
Mackenzie 10/10/18 Daniel-san
Divorced yet?
Mackenzie 09/12/18 Daniel-san
If I were discriminating against you because you are a man, I would tell you that not only are you incapable of loading a dishwasher, but you also cannot dress yourself. That is discrimination.
Mackenzie 09/12/18 Daniel-san
Nope. You married Camille.
Mackenzie 08/18/18 Daniel-san
Don't lie to me.
Mackenzie 08/18/18 Daniel-san
You got a divorce?
Mackenzie 06/24/18 Daniel-san
Wax off, Atticus. Wax the f-ck off.
Mackenzie 06/23/18 Daniel-san're supposed to be divorced.
Mackenzie 06/16/18 Daniel-san
Mackenzie 06/15/18 Daniel-san
Mackenzie 06/15/18 Daniel-san
Mackenzie 04/01/18 Daniel-san
There aren't any in the freezer?
Mackenzie 04/01/18 Daniel-san
So proud of you! Good for you!
Mackenzie 04/01/18 Daniel-san
This all depends on when you get divorced.
(Say tomorrow.)
Mackenzie 03/17/18 Are you done being married yet? Because I'm f-cking tired of it and you need to drink more.
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 Ooooo! I want a cat! *bounces happily* Do you have to tell it what you want? I know television not these little devices, but everyone insists upon them. That entire speaking and it writes for you makes me look like a complete arse; Scottish accents do not translate well.

*thinks about where she was actually going with her train of thought*

OH! Do we need special types of balloons? Can we make cat? Does your Camille know how to do this stuff? *stares at expectantly*
Katherine Murray 01/12/18 *tilts head* Hullo, dearie. Katherine. Or Kat, your choice really. Why does everyone keep forgetting my name? Well, not you, of course. Cannot forget what you did not know, yes?

*blinks more*

Well, now I wish to know about these animal-shaped balloons as well. Would Siri know how? Do you know her? The little God in the phone? *blinks again*
Miryam 01/08/18

"Hmmm must be the dumpster near by."

*shrugs holding her tiny dog.*
Miryam 01/08/18 *Stops*

*sniffs the air around him.*

"Ooo I like you, you reek of rotting flesh and chaos."
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-San
Got it. Yes. I do that. I'm a karate master.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-san
What happens if I do that? Whatever that is.
Mackenzie 11/10/17 Daniel-san
I don't speak Mandarin?
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
You don't want to do that. Fingers stiffen, bloat, and squish.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
She's going to sh-t velveeta.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-san
I'm a vampire, Atticus.
Mackenzie 09/30/17 Daniel-San
No thanks. Hate people food.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That isn't a tiny helper. It's a tiny terrorist.
It's okay. I'll sprinkle some pepper on it.
No doubt it's overloaded with salt already.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That's fine. I'll eat it. Problem solved.
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
That happens to be made out of pasta, right?
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
With a food baby?
Mackenzie 09/14/17 Daniel-san
What do we want? We want to be divorced.
Mackenzie 09/07/17 It's tea and cake or death, kid.
I suggest you choose tea and cake.
Mackenzie 08/25/17 Daniel-san
Are you calling Solomon a weirdo?
Mackenzie 08/25/17 Daniel-San
Rhiannon has occasional fits of psychosis. Don't worry.
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *runs fingers through hair*
Um, I don't recall asking for your not-so-professional opinion, but thanks? I guess.
*pops bubble gum*
Yeah, too bad we can't all just roll out of To Kill A Mockingbird.
Well, anyway, I just swung by to introduce myself... and tell you to take care of Cami.
So take care of Cami, hm?
I know where you live.
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *grins*
It is quite possible she could be filling your pretty little head with heartwarming remarks.
And it's Julliet.
That's with two l's, not one.
I think that makes me pretty cool, too.
*hair twirl*
Julliet Swan 08/23/17 *purses lips*
You have a cool name.
Does your personality live up to that kind of coolness?
Mackenzie 08/19/17 Daniel-san
Dipped in chocolate.
Mackenzie 08/19/17 Daniel-san
Time to go home. Now.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-San
You got this. I have faith in you. I'm not far. Don't worry.
And I'm growing out my hair, actually. Patience, young grasshopper.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-san
You also think I'm a lesbian. Solomon have a long history. Loads of drama and angst. We share all the best decisions and worst luck. Also, I'm a fan of beards. And his face. And he is one hell of an intense goddamn kisser. Go. Beard Deet.
Mackenzie 08/17/17 Daniel-san
Damn beard. Okay. Listen. Go to the kitchen, in the cabinet above the stove. There is a spray bottle full of a pale green liquid in there. Unmarked. It's Deet for Beards. Just spray it at him from two feet away. Aim for the beard. You'll be safe to talk. Otherwise, no Dairy Bell.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 I thought we agreed that Daniel and Miyagi did not chill?
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Rocky Road? Damn. I prefer Bunny Tracks. I always feel like I'm hunting f-cking rabbits. I'll get the f=cking pints. You get the spoons. Meet you in five for some Netflix and Chill.

Actual chill.
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Sit your ass down. You leave, you pay the Price. There's STDs out there.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Jesus f-cking Christ. You think your frolic is too Mucci for the world? Or would you just like to Bannon all hope now?
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Do you know HOW to frolic? Let me see your best skip. Knees to your chest, Atticus Finch. Let's go.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Technically it isn't lying. My property is in the country, and there are forms in the country. So you could farm on that land. If you pick a flower, you will then be a farmer. ...Yea.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 ...I suppose that depends on how fast you can pick up a brogue and learn my signature glare. Of course, you might have to join the farmers dating site, too.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Anytime. We'll have you rated at 'mild sh-thead' before you know it. It's smooth sailing from there.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 You have a dog? That changes everything. Dogs make you 36% more likable. It's a proven fact. A true statistic, that I just made up. You're f-cking welcome.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 If you do it before, maybe just a light spritz. I didn't realize you were into online dating. Have you met Joe from C block, yet? I hear he likes chess and long showers.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 ...before or after the perfume?
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Help yourself, Atticus. Just please remember to turn left for warm water and right for cold. Oh, and two spritzes of the perfume. Any more than that, and this place will go up in flames. I need a goddamn cigarette. You stress me the f-ck out. This is going to be fun.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 I suddenly smell something like... like.. oh. What in God's name is that? Ah. Bullsh-t. Snake your own goddamn drain. If you don't want to die of herpes, I can help with that. If you want to die, well... by the stink of it, you're halfway there. ...My name is Mackenzie.
Mackenzie 08/15/17
Your... okay. Okay. Fine. But I refuse to do that break of day bullsh-t. And I don't wash cars, either.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Orlav. Blonde, loud, into self-flattery and looks like a bear. I've seen people contract syphilis just by standing in the same room as that one. You're going to have to catch up, kid. You're not in Kansas anymore.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 F-ck that. No. 5 is for desperate grandmothers. I can't help you with that wasted potential. ...You smell like Orlav, too. Jesus. You probably have the clap by now.
Mackenzie 08/15/17 Look at you.
Already so popular.
I can smell eight different perfumes in the immediate area.
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