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Insanity is only a narrow bridge. The banks are reason and desire.
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New YorkWhat’s one less vampire on the face of the earth, anyway?
Created by Dessa Chambers
Dessa Chambers 05/07/18 -nods thoughtfully-
-wonders if William ever thought for her in this way; probably not, she was just an asset to him-
Can't say I do. I've been away for awhile and haven't had much chance to speak with her. -knows Livia can take care of herself, but hopes Jacob isn't a danger to her,otherwise she'd have to kick some ass-
Right now? -she came to a stop, a little surprised, she wasn't usually a spontaneous person, but she couldn't find any reason to say no-
-she wasn't looking for a reason to say no either- I don't have anywhere else to be. Now sounds like the perfect time to go
-she was still jittery inside and hoped he couldn't tell, it was more excitement than nerves-Lead the way..
Dessa Chambers 05/05/18 -doesn't show it, but slightly relieved-
-if things got awkward she could just be a third wheel with Livia and her hubby-
-laughs at the way Valentin mentions Liv's husband- It would be nice to see's been awhile.
-gives him a little nudge-Do you not like her husband? I've met him very briefly when Livia had pulled a prank on him and she was using me to hide from him.
-shrugs- He seemed nice as one can seem in the moment of wanting revenge on a prank.
Just name the time and I'll be there. -unless she chickens tf out-
Dessa Chambers 05/04/18 -laughs quietly as he's unable to make the camp itself sound appealing to her-
-she's difficult, she knows-
-tries to hide her grin behind taking a drink- Good to know.
-leans in a little closer to him- Yes. As crazy as it sounds coming from me, some time away in a forest...with you, sounds lovely.
Dessa Chambers 05/01/18 -groans a bit at the word forest- That sounds like the nearest functioning city is far away.
-city girl, through and through-
I s'pose if you're there it wouldn't be all bad.
Especially if, by chance, you happen not to be a gentleman at some point.
-laughs quietly..this is how you flirt right...right?-
-probably sounds like an idiot. it's fine. totally fine-
Dessa Chambers 05/01/18 -lets out a loud...almost cackle (she is still a witch after all)- A tard in tinfoil? I wouldn't go that far..
-takes a sip of coffee and gives him a side-eye glance- Very rural, huh? Now I'm not so sure you're trying to protect me so much as getting me away from prying eyes so you can do who knows what!
Good thing I know how to take care of myself or I think I might be worried.
Dessa Chambers 04/30/18 -she nods and gives a small shrug, while crazy sounding it was her life- Yeaah.
-takes his arm, shifting her coffee to the other hand-I've been to Moscow briefly. Didn't have much time to take in any sights, however.
-doesn't bother to tell him she'd still be followed-
-looks up at him with a full on grin now-Are you offering to whisk me away to unknown lands to save me from my troubles?
-pretends to swoon-My knight in rugged armor!
Dessa Chambers 04/29/18 -huffs and may or may not have jutted out her bottom lip momentarily- Rude..-she mutters, don't mess with a girl and her coffee-
-debates on stomping on his foot. With her three inch stilletto heal-
-his foot is saved by the return of the coffee- Well, I'm being followed. Every time I think I've made myself clear, they just switch up their routine. It's honestly quite exhausting.
-probably sounded crazy, but really was tired of being followed-
Dessa Chambers 04/29/18 -wraps both hands around her coffee and takes a sip-
-nods-Mmm, I am not unwell. But I have been a bit on edge. Guess I just needed a coffee
-slight grin- And you, Valentin? Are you well?
Dessa Chambers 04/29/18 -was about ready to attack-
-might be slightly cranky, thanks vamp emotions-
-luckily recognized him before she caused an incident-
Thank youu -deinitely appreciative of the caffiene-
-slightly better mood now-
Bree Ravencroft 03/13/18 Oh it has. So many interesting adventures.
Bree Ravencroft 03/13/18 Danke Herr Metzger. It has been a long journey.
Weston Norse 01/28/18 ???
So, uh. Who are you? 🤔
Mackenzie 01/20/18 Butcher. At this, icy blues light up. Yes, Mackenzie loves it. She is nothing if not a murderous, evil little thing that enjoys long walks on the beach and murder. Don't judge. She has mayhem in her heart. "I love it," she speaks through her grin. "I will do better, because that is fantastic."
Mackenzie 01/19/18 "You know what..." she mutters, more to herself than anyone. Mackenzie is not that great at Russian, or many foreign languages, to be honest. "If you just call me Mack, I'll call you Nick, because it'd be weird if I called you Neek. Unless you prefer Neek, ...Mees-neek. Mees-neek. Myasnik. Okay. But still."
Dessa Chambers 01/19/18 -loops her arm with his- Is being a gentleman still a thing? And here I thought they were extinct.
-laughs-You're too kind, Valentin. But at least we don't have to go far. My favorite place is just around the corner. Have you ever had a Ristretto?
Mackenzie 01/19/18 Is that German? Mackenzie squints up at the formidable man, dwarfed easily as he towers over her slight frame. So drastically tall, his offered hand is nearly right before her face. Not at all put off, she accepts the hand, giving it a firm shake. "Mackenzie. Myasn...iac... f-ck. What was it again?"
Dessa Chambers 01/18/18 Oh -laughs, slightly flustered- They're just pixels.
-swipes through- No, I don't think so. I don't really play much anymore.
-taps phone- I could use a cofee though. -cheeky grin- A real one. My treat?
Tiber Loche 01/18/18 At first, he opens his mouth to detest. Tiber wants to proclaim that he thinks the tricycle belongs to him, and he'd rather take it himself, thank you. But instead he thinks better of it, rather fond of the idea of a fresh coat of pink paint and an excited child making better use of it than him. So Tiber gently shakes his head, throwing his hands up in front of him. "My mistake. It's not the one I'm looking for." It could be a lie, it's just that he's not invested enough to find out. If he felt so inclined, he would buy himself a new tricycle.
Dessa Chambers 01/18/18 -is bumped into-
-small grumble, but totally her fault. Too busy trying to find someone to swipe right on-
-tilts head back to see Valentin, quickly closes the app she was on-
Oh, I, uh...-get your sh*t together girl clears throat- Maybe, lemme check
-awkwardly hold phone so he can't see her screen until she opens up farmville- Hm I only have 50, but you can have them! -tap tap tap to send-
Livia Vlcek 01/18/18 "But...I wanted a big wheeeeeeeeel," the Slayer whines loudly, "a pink and white Hello Kitty oonnnnnnne."
Tiber Loche 01/18/18 Tiber doesn't initially think much of the colossal man that juts by him. It wasn't entirely out of the ordinary for the strange or dissimilar to frequent the grounds of the Den. However, the man finds a deep sense of familiarity in the faded red iron and plastic contraption that the stranger had slung over his shoulder. "Excuse me?" It was both a pardon and a question, "If I might.. Where did you find that?"

He'd been looking everywhere for his own, but there was always the possibility that it did not belong to him.
Derek Norse 01/18/18 Wide eyes stare up at the man. Derek exhales. He exhales pure smoke, compromised of his personal stash of home grown goodness. Nothing wholesome here. Nothing at all. "Nice shoes."
Derek Norse 01/18/18 "HALT, Large! Man! Large man!"
Mackenzie 01/18/18 Mackenzie peers at the man, reminded easily of Sid Vicious and the punk Revolution of... whenever that was. She's not good with time. "Have we... met?"
Adara Doe 01/18/18 Mass Text: My Livi, The Butcher, The Pretty One, Mrs. Pretty, Irish, The King

We’re home.

And just in case they didn’t know who exactly was home Addie sent an attachment; after all, it had been far too long and numbers do change. Like Adara’s number. Constantly. Paranoid much?

Katherine Murray 01/12/18 Well, Herr Metzger, I am quite well.

Except for the demons in my head.
But you'll ever say that outloud.
Blessed Saint Bridie, not ever.

I am certainly not afflicted with anything that monkies, limes, and tequila cannot explain. How have you fared lately? *nods sagely*

You keep using that excuse. We find it rude that you do not give us credit where credit is due, little vessel.
Haud yer wheesht, ya wee nyaff.
Katherine Murray 01/11/18 "I like the face ripping monkies. They just got out of hand."

and that damned rat, Chinkilla.
He is not damned, just tempermental.
Nutters, you turned it into a vampiric little monster.
I really do not need help from the peanut gallery in my head, thankyouverymuch.
We are legion; you should cower and cry.
Not bluidy likely, you just used the word nutter and have issues with a small furry animal. Laughable, really.
We just made you look crazier, win for us.
Whaaa... well, sh-t.

I am very sure Livia will be just fine. Maybe another hit on the head will work. *grins*
Katherine Murray 01/08/18 Merde.
Say it again for the ones in the back.
Sh-t. Sh-t. Sh-t.
I could not have said it better.

"See, there was some tequila"
...and monkies.
"And monkies."
...and limes
And limes... I doona need your help explaining. You didn't say that in your head

"Heh heh... um... what?" *stares*
LillyEmperium 01/06/18 Congrats Herr Metzger on being today's popular person
Kiernan Tigra 02/24/17 Kiernan smiles as he takes the proffered hand of his Sanctuary mate. "Danke schön Herr Metzger. Hoping to keep up the steady pace if I can." He ends with a satisfied nod.
Livia Vlcek 02/03/17 *hugs tight* Dekuji milacku.
Livia Vlcek 01/30/17
Livia Vlcek 01/28/17 He thought she didn't notice his large frame outside the bar? She did. Livia scoffed slightly at his ignorance then stopped. Maybe he knew she knew he was there? The woman wouldn't put it past him...he was that good after all. With a small nod to the bartender, Livia settled her tab and slid from the bar-stool she kept warm for the next patron. No sense in keeping the Butcher waiting...
W_Kat 11/22/16 Congrats on POtD!!
Katherine Murray 06/25/16 Yes, I have heard that a time or two. Though, I do not quite understand why so many keep saying it like that, but I will take the compliment. *preens* I also brought you lotion, since the hose is a confusing issue. Really, I stole it, so you may want to hide it at some point. *smiles pretty*
Katherine Murray 06/25/16 *blinks* Did we not already discuss it? *is confused* Well, if we must talk about it again, we really must have privacy. *nods sagely*

*has no clue*
*at all*
Katherine Murray 06/23/16 *swoons* You sure do know the way to a girl's heart. You will see to the army and I will keep lotion on hand. *blinks* Get it? On. Hand. *toothy grin*
Katherine Murray 06/20/16 *squees*
*gives herself away*
*shrugs and shoves the stolen basket of lotions and hose into empty hands*
*snatches up limes and dances around*

You dinna happen to have an evil army of monkeys in your pockets, by chance?
Katherine Murray 06/20/16 *is secretly swooning; limes, the key to her heart.*
Addison 01/01/16
~Leaves a picnic basket full of single serving sizes of creole crawfish, gumbo, collard greens with ham, black eyed peas, fried corn bread and peach cobbler. The note attached states:~
'A holiday meal tradition from my home city of New Orleans. We southerners believe a meal including black eyed peas and collard greens are for good fortune for the New Year. Hope you enjoy! Addison' P.S. I don't know what German traditions are, Valentin, I hope you don't think this is all gross...I've also included some aged moonshine!

Dexter Gein 12/25/15 Pulls out a poorly wrapped gift containing a battle axe. "Gift wrapping isn't my best quality but I do hope you enjoy it."
Dexter Gein 12/25/15 ~ Runs finger across the knifes edge. "Ouch! "es ist verdammt scharf", his broken German accent dreadful. "I can think of a few people I'd like to use this on. I will put it to good use."
Edward Brollachan 12/25/15 Fröhliche Weihnachten, Herr Metzger!
Genesis 12/17/15
"Look at you, all plastered on the wanted posters. NICE!" -two thumbs up and a smile-
Livia Vlcek 10/05/15 *is freezing*
*pulls at blankets*
*puts feet on lower back*
*pushes and pulls*
*is still blanketless, cold and tired*
Dexter Gein 09/03/15 A firm grip and a shake. "No need for apologies and thank you very much."
Livia Vlcek 08/08/15 *glares* No...I took a dart to the forehead.
*facepalms his face*
Genesis 07/25/15 *Stares at in confusion and cluelessness.*
*Watches crew-mate wander back off humming*
Livia Vlcek 06/27/15 WTF yo. *dies*
Maeve 06/13/15 *hangs head*
They took my license away, when they found the pictures of several prominent mutts which had been given a lion cut.
They were so pretty, but you're probably better off finding someone who won't photoshop for nefarious purposes.>br> *cheeky grin*
Maeve 06/13/15 *scoffs, then grins*
It is a rather nice picture, isn't it?
It was my exam project from the Photoshop class I took.

Thank you
Maeve 04/28/15 *whistles* You look really, really good up there Mr Metzger :D
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *watches slightly amused yet horrified as the male is hit with cake*
*thinks that chocolate cake is probably not the greatest thing for mohawks*
*fhears his reaction*
*is somewhat confused that he didn't lose his sh*t*
*curiousity is peaked* No, actually, I do not like surprises anymore. *cants head* You want to see my old room here? Why? *narrows eyes*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *chuckles nervously* Clearly married life hasn't improved my manners... Only my aim. *blushes*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *clings to her husband, screams at Livi, thinks*
*throws cake at*
*screams* That's the only cake we have!
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *scowls and twitches slightly* Yes Butcher...I'm ready. *stares at Adara and mouths, I love you* So where are we off to? Irkutsk? Moscow? Hell? *smiles pretty...well as pretty as her face allows*
Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *pales*
*slips phone into her pocket*
*starts chain smoking*
*mumbles about how he is too smart and how Adara can't keep her yap shut*
She needs to shut HER wh*re mouth...*pouts*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 Sh-t. *stares at Livi, stares at phone, backs away slowly*
*glares at phone*
*text* You sneaky bast-rd. Liar... I don't think I like you anymore. *hides from Val and Liv across the lake in the other cabin*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 What is wrong with yo... *shakes her head and stares at Livi playing with ribbons and goes back to her phone* Not that. Real cake. The kind with frosting. Ewww. Valentin... no. Livia will not be seeing you at midnight and since you do not know where I live, my garage cannot be found and you will not get your 'cake'. Eww. Stop it.
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *sighs and glares at the phone* I do not know the meaning of this. You're no help, Butcher! Can you at least get the cake for me? *hits send and stares longingly at the cake*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *sighs dramatically and text* My husband, of course. It's always about training...and locked in closets. What is that about? *sends*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *blinks at her phone* He will not give me cake. He starves me. And um... keeps me locked in a closet. Save me! Help me! SOSSOSOSOS! Livi won't help. *smiles brightly and hits send*

*stirs the pot*
Adara Doe 04/13/15 *hides and texts*

Livia Vlcek 04/13/15 *stares back at*
What the fvck is wrong with y...
*shuts her wh*re mouth as Addie calls it*
*shifty eyes*
Maeve 02/20/15 You were successful in borrowing $639.00 from Valentin Metzger.

Merci Mr Metzger.
Elena Lupei 07/23/14 *narrowing eyes, tilts head slightly to the side and sniffs. The man, not the ice cream. That would be weird* "You been eating Bratwurst?... and possibly cabbage.... ?" *Reaches for the ice cream and licks it waiting for a reply*
Maeve 07/14/14 *mailorders extended first aid kit*
With my compliments. Please enjoy.
Dessa Chambers 07/02/14 Soft laughter escapes her lips as he plays along, turning her cheeky grin into a smirk of amusement. "I've been...well." Her hesitation was small, but it wasn't due to her attempting to lie about how show was. His compliment had her raising a thick brow, further amused. She normally wasn't taken off guard by compliments, but she hadn't exactly felt compliment worthy the past little while.

"I suppose that's what a couple of months in Cancun does to a girl," Dessa was always quick to recover from her own thought process, even if she was out of practice of hiding what she was feeling from time to time.

"And you? Besides the changes to your hair, of course."
Dessa Chambers 06/30/14 "There's something different about you..." Dessa taps her chin, "Don't tell me!"

She looks him over, head to foot, then snaps her fingers as her gaze pulls up to his face once more with a cheeky grin plastered on her face, "I know...You changed your hair!"
Alice Barbour 05/29/14 *days later*

"Uhm... do you wanna go do something else? Like, maybe go to the park? Or the Zoo? Oh! Do you like art galleries? I love to look at alla pictures and stuff, do you?"

*crushes some more*

*hopelessly hopeful*
Alice Barbour 05/21/14 *smiles shyly and takes arm*

You're such a gentleman...

*crushes even more*

That way.

*points to Ice Cream Parlor down the street*
Alice Barbour 05/21/14 *Blushes brilliantly*
*Offers hand*

This way...
Alice Barbour 05/21/14 Oooh! I like alla ice cream.

But pistachio is my favorite!

*grins and shuffles toe*
Alice Barbour 05/21/14 Do you like ice cream? I do! Would you buy me some?

~crushes like a schoolgirl~
Adara Doe 04/29/14 Screaming obscenities and vibrating with an intense anger; Addie didn’t have time to react to being hung out a window. She knew she had overstepped the first time; pushing him further had only added fuel to an already treacherous fire. Swinging like a warped pendulum outside a window; she fumed for a while before finally giving in and calling out to who she was politely calling the evil German in her head; she certainly wasn’t going to add to it by saying it out loud, now was she?

”Okay, Butcher…I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll not ask about things that do not pertain to me even though, with the two of you, I somehow feel like a child in the middle of really bad divorce. Happy now?”

Her tone was flat, unimpressed. Exactly how she was feeling since her head was swimming enough to drown out the throbbing hole in her foot; Livia was going to be super pissed about her boot. That would add a great ending to an otherwise irritating day; lovely. Jerking in her bound state; the young woman’s irritation grew exponentially until the levee broke and suddenly she was laughing hysterically; losing her mind shouldn’t be this hilarious.

”Pull me up, Butcher…I’ll be civilized.”
Adara Doe 04/16/14 It was quicksilver, the moment the last brutal word was slung from her vicious tongue; a yelp from the same tongue, from the slung piece piercing skin, would follow it. Preternatural orbs traveled downward to the imbedded blade; teeth ground together to prevent the scream of pain that would give him the satisfaction. She deserved it; causing his emotional pain was dealt with by inflicting physical agony in retribution.

”You just proved my point for me…” Glowing orbs flashed angrily as lithe form stooped to remove the knife from her flesh. A shaky breath cut into the silence; she could compartmentalize most pain, but removing the rooted steel from a limb wasn’t something that even the coldest of them could really do without some sort of outward manifestation of distress. Adara’s was more likely to manifest into that of a wolf; but she was a lot stronger than she used to be and could hold back the change, even when her rage was fueling her partially limping form forward.

Wielding a knife.

Even though she was tall, lithe in form; his figure swamped her, could easily do more damage than just a simple knife, but the difference didn’t make a damn to her; she waved the knife in his face; fury glowing in her cheeks and a hardened glint in her eyes belied the tenderness of her free hand that would condescendingly pat his cheek. Fingers would flip the blade deftly in her hands with ease; it did pay to surround herself with assassins, and it would hover over his heart. It wouldn’t be easy to overtake him and if she did somehow manage it against the odds, well, his boss wouldn’t hesitate to have her head on a platter.

Her life mattered to her; so the blade was slammed into the wood of the door and a frosty tone assaulted his ears. ”Do you think just because you love her, she is going to love you? You don’t get to push someone into feeling something just because you decide you want to keep them and you cannot stab someone just because they tell you SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE!”

Screaming in his face? Yeah, she never learns.
Adara Doe 04/16/14 Once upon a time, Adara would have replied with words dripping with sarcasm; the stuff she had been putting into her body kept her moderately laid back, a go with the flow kind of attitude. Now that she was clean; anger at the audacity of telling her to do as he said, forced her thin frame rigid and a darkening mien crossing her face. She had never been much like Livia when it came to Valentin; years had gone by since then and she had changed. A lot.

”Mind my tongue?” Cold indifference laced her words as much as she wanted to scream, she would not give the satisfaction of acting like a child, erm, yet. A single brow would arch ever so slowly as his words penetrated her ears, sure, he was probably right about the puppies and he was trying to help calm her but he did not choose his next words so carefully and the domineering tone of him telling her to do as he said. Jade brightened to gold; flashing hotly as fingers dipped down to retrieve the first thing she could find, wrapping around his money clip and hurled at his officious head. ”Do as you say?”

Arms crossed over her chest; cold, disconnected. Her tone, melodious as it was, would be flat and as expressionless as her face. Sure, her words were cruel and she would likely pay dearly for them but in no way was she going down without a fight. “You speak of Livia as if she wants to hear from you. She runs to another country if you get anywhere close. She doesn’t want you, doesn’t love you. She’s married, deal with it. She is not -yours- to command in any way, shape, or form.”

Okay, so he was blocking the only exit and she ran her mouth; she could still turn and he had a limp. The odds were even.


Adara Doe 04/15/14 “Nincs, Nyet, Nein, NO!” Cheeks flushed red in irritation; Addie knew that yelling at him would not really be good for her health and it wasn’t exactly his fault she was ill equipped for two rambunctious wolf pups. Yet, she did yell and was instantly abashed at her behavior as she swallowed the stream of curses that would have slipped had she not. However, as much as she was mortified by her screaming, the amusement at her plight that Valentin was showing did nothing for the stony glare she was piercing him with. ”They need to stay with me…”

Furrowed brows decimated the glare; a worried countenance replaced the irritability as she moved further into the temporary home. ”They need a place to run, I’m beginning to think it was a mistake to remove them from Colorado.” Raising the money clip, a hint of a smile formed before dipping back into the frown; this was what Addie had come for but now, she just felt defeated. ”Thank you…Livia is quite peculiar about her things.”
Adara Doe 04/15/14 ”Sajnálom…”

Her apology came as a hiss as fingers latched onto his extended hand and pulled herself upward. As childish as it was, she really wanted to stick her tongue out at him at his threat, but it was more for her well-being than menacing; so the petulance that resided in the sorry she offered, drifted away as she muttered under her breath in Hungarian about wolf pups and feathers.

Tilting her chin upward, mossy orbs would flit over the softer gaze now that the his warning had become but a memory; bow shaped lips turned downward and Adara let out a sigh before words that would grow in octave, tumbled out.

”I have pups and LIVIA IS GOING TO KILL ME!
Adara Doe 04/15/14 “Stay…”

The words squeaked from her mouth as she closed the door to her room, after one glance at the destroyed duvet. Livia was going to freak, so, Addie had to shop before that happened; her little orphaned pups were far more trouble that she thought they’d be. Feet carried her swiftly, she had a stop to because as always, no money.

She didn’t stand on niceties by knocking, instead she barged in and slid right into the wall that was Valentin. Teetering on unsteady limbs, Addie hit the floor with an oof and stared up with wide eyes. ”I have a problem…”
Adara Doe 04/09/14 Danke! I've been borrowing her clothes; I probably should get her something. *takes the clip and begins to laugh* I'm always taking your money, Valentin... *runs*
Adara Doe 04/09/14 *buries her face in the palm of his hand*
*draws back, furrows her brows and swats*
I do not need mon...*sighs and gives the stink eye* Fine, there are some really cute boots and my money is tied up...somewhere that's not here.
Adara Doe 04/09/14 *shrugs*
*smiles brightly*
Just basking in
Adara Doe 04/09/14 *stares*
Adara Doe 04/02/14 *winks*
Adara Doe 04/02/14 She’d have to be blind and stupid to miss the tightening of his jaw; clearly she had to stay away from the subject of Livia for now to keep the peace. Confusion set in as his irritation was replaced by the endearment and heated lips pressed against her flesh; he was always such a conundrum, so complicated. Yet, she couldn’t help but smile sweetly up at him because of his suggestions and while it might have been in her best interest to choose a public place for their little tête-à-tête, their conversation needed more privacy than the restaurants afforded them. Her free hand joined the other as she wrapped them around his arm, preparing to walk where he led.

”How about we go home? Or what passes as it here in Paris…” She shocked even herself with the counteroffer; alone with him could prove to be dangerous if she lost control and her temper with him. A volatile mix, the three of them had been, but even more so with the running and threats hanging over the girls heads. “Find a market to grab some steaks. You can cook and I can see my pups.”

It wasn’t as if she was being bossy or brazen; it was just a simple fact, even if she liked to eat…no one wanted her in the kitchen. Ever.

”And of course, we can talk about the painting…” Mossy orbs held his, lips pursed and brow furrowed as she tried to get a grip on everything she was doing and saying. This was not her usual territory; as a thief she rarely had to spend time with people. She worked alone. Conversation, camaraderie, family…it just was not Adara, at least not until Livia and Valentin. She had flaws; socially inept was just one of them, they would never be able to fix that about her. ”And everything else as well.”
Adara Doe 04/01/14 The free hand twisted into the fabric of the modest dress that draped her lean figure; not quite sure how she felt with the bubble of regret sitting in the pit of her stomach. It wasn’t over the painting or the money; instead it was what she left behind that did not sit well with her. Always the loner, Addie has always been unsure of the family unit and bond that had built between the three and the pups. Puppies that she had missed, that had grown while she had disappeared.

“I would like to see them..” The barest of whispers escaped before she could swallow it back, even as he continued to speak her mind was twisting and turning on things of the past. It wasn’t until Livia’s name was spoken that she pulled herself from the fog and her face screwed up in protest. A hardened glint lit eyes that were preternatural in their golden hues. For once, her control slipped in front of someone she did not wish it to. Her fingers dug into the flesh of his arm and words tumbled out of from behind clenched teeth. ”If it has to do with Livia, it is my conce…dinner? I could eat…”

If he wanted to talk, that was fine. She was like a dog with a bone, she would get to the bottom of all of this and what Livia’s part in it was. But, like always the man knew how to get to her. Food. A smile started to form, a real one; the one that brought light to the already returned mossy orbs and dimples to her visage. It was one of her simple pleasures in life; and she had to thank the wolf for a high metabolism. Food would always be her downfall.

”Shall we, Neshama sheli?
Adara Doe 04/01/14 Well, sh-t.

”You had to bring the dogs into it?” Lips pulled downward, he had her and he probably knew it. With a sigh of resignation, Addie moved towards him; even with heels closing the gap Valentin towered over her. Rather than slip her fingers into his hand, she let nimble digits grasp the crook of his arm as she tilted her head to address him. ”Not home…completely. We can discuss that later.”

Cool head, Addie. We got this.

”And you can definitely forget the painting and money.” She wasn’t going to lie. She did the job only for that painting and they would have to pry it from her cold, dead hands. Which was probably being arranged anyway, but she could not let that thwart her. Here’s the thing, Butcher...I’m the one that took the job and ran. Livia isn’t going to pay for my crime. I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement…”

Yep, she was scared. Hell had frozen over.
Adara Doe 04/01/14 Slim figure leaned against the warming metal of the car, eyes were glued to the large frame of the man that she normally would have been hiding from. Today was slightly different; she was ready to run if need be. She would wait till his attention was firmly on her before her mouth quirked in a smile and one mossy orb was covered by an eyelid; taunting him, yes. Flirting with death, more than likely. But a girl had to get her giggles somehow.
Dexter Gein 03/12/14 I was actually. Charlie my pet chicken implied that Doodles the Duck was in need of cherry favored lip balm. Well... seeing how I'm broke all the time, I asked how he intended we pay for it. He replied, “Just put it on his bill.” I then commenced to choke my chicken until his head turned blue. After I let him go, the little ******* through up on me.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/02/13 The redhead's form bowed to the man, before she spoke. "What is it you seek? Perhaps I can point you in the right direction." As long as he wasn't seeking orange juice, then she would lie. Because she was the only one that could have orange juice.
Caitlyn Darrow 11/01/13 Welcome to the realm! Let me know if you need any assistance.
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