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" What can I say? Sometimes you win and sometimes...Sometimes you get dragged down to the deepest parts of Hell, and get left for dead."
Visceran's Biography
" You were my everything, you know." He did know. Visceran had known the second he met her, in the Down Below. Everything they did together, all of the laughter, the pain, the was all for her. And now...Now he was alone. He was alone and she was dead. For real this time...The possibility of her never coming back had him almost to tears. Though he would never admit it, nor dare to say it aloud...he loved her. He had always loved her. *And yet...* His thoughts warranted an eye twitch. HE was saddened at the loss of his one Love, and now he was forced back to the rotting filth hole that was The Realm. It wasn't always viewed as such by him, though. It had only recently been dubbed The Rotting Filth hole when he had returned without his companion. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore and nothing felt right. With all of this in mind, he knew only one thing had stayed true. He would find the one who did this to his Love...and he would do the unthinkable. The unforgivable. He would murder the beast. Ten times over...
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