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Davina Kaspar


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Born: April 26, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 2
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 111
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 113
Home City: London Mail Sent: 12
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07/04/20 at 9:29 pm
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Being the youngest has its perks..just don't mess with a little sister too much. She has brothers.
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Alyssa St Patrick

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Marah Whitmoore 04/27/20 Welcome to the realm hope your stay with us is long. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Skylar Justicano 04/27/20 " Hello my name is Skylar. On behalf of Enternal Embrace, I would like to give you greetings on your arrival to the realm if you should need anything please let me know."
Briahne Christiann 04/27/20 Welcome to the Realm, looks like you're settling in nicely, if there's anything you need help with, reach out, there's always someone around who can assist.
Chiara Maxx 04/27/20


Dante Kaspar 04/27/20 Chuckling at her reply about getting on their nerves I shook my head. But when she mentioned the reason she was out here I sighed. I was gone too long to the play the big brother, but I had to say something. "Yeah, well you should n't be out here caught up in all this muck. Besides, what would Donnie and mum have to say about this?"
Dante Kaspar 04/27/20 Returning the hug I sighed. She was right, it had been too long since we had seen each other and that hug proved it. Chuckling when we released each other, I looked at her. "I bet Donnie and Davie never like that."

This course of getting reacquainted raised a question, which saw me looking at her sternly. "So, you mind telling me why your out here knicking wallets from people?"
Dante Kaspar 04/27/20 Looking at my younger sister I was stunned. She had gotten more beautiful than she was the last time I saw her. But seeing her like this, wasn't the best way after all these years. "Yeah, well our father told me not to contact any of you when I left. And believe me, if I didn't get a call from some lawyer bloke, Merseyside would have never seen me again."
Dante Kaspar 04/27/20 Watching her as she spoke, I took my ID from her before giving her a once over when she mentioned my name. But what struck me hard was when she said I was her brother, and even called my twin's name. And that was when it hit me. "Wait... Vina?"
Dante Kaspar 04/27/20 Hearing her reply, I scoffed at her. "You telling me that a nice young thing like you gets threats?" Chuckling softly as I took the wallet from her I opened it and went through the effects. "I can see why they would. Now, about my ID?"
Dante Kaspar 04/26/20 I had just rounded a corner when I took note of the young woman standing by the wall texting. Choosing to ignore her, I continued walking. That is until I walked passed her and felt her pilfer my wallet. Stopping in my tracks I sighed. "You've got two option, girlie."

The Liverpool native in me coming out in my accent as I was seriously annoyed by this. Rounding on her I walked back to stand in front of her. "Either gimme the wallet and we call it a day, or I take it and your life."
Dante Kaspar 04/26/20 I had chosen to let my companion rest at the hotel we were staying at. As such, I decided to take a walk. I hadn't set foot on the streets of Liverpool in almost ten years, so needless to say, I felt nostalgic.
Donte Kaspar 04/26/20 He was face down in his book when he felt the familiar presence and chuckled. "Sup D?"
Mirko Angelov 04/26/20 Welcome.
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