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Shinjukku Zipangu


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Born: November 16, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 30
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 54
Home City: Tokyo Mail Sent: 1
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12/06/18 at 11:26 am
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What a girl want girl gets, weather it's by hook or crook, by any means necessary, for she also gives birth, and what an angel would say the devil wants to know. All I need is to be redeemed because I feel like a criminal! And I feel like a monster because yes I am a Monster!
Shinjukku Zipangu's Biography
Full Name: Shinjukku Jipangu Zipangu

Species: Asian Demoness

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan-Asia

Sexual Orientation-Gender Preference: Lesbian-Females

Wife: None (Seeking)

Coven: None (However, She won't join just any Coven though!)

Likes: Females/Women/Girls/Freedom/Gifts/Assistance/Free Stuff/Active/Covens/Demons/Wiches/Vampires

Dislikes: Rules/Laws/Abuse on Females, Women & Girls/Order

Goals: Find a Wife/Make Friends (Especially Female ones)/Have a Family/Join a Coven

Backstory: Long time ago, there had lived a young female Asian girl, who was named Xanios Castanas who was born in Tokyo, Japan in the continent of Asia, who had been homeless since she has no family, so the girl had to strive and struggle on her own out in the streets of Tokyo, she was rescued by teenage girls who helped raise her, she also witness men abusing females, so quich that the Asian had a mistrust of them and swore to get the men back and avenge females, especially as she got older, she started protecting females and started abusing males for years developing a hatred for men due to their abuse on women. One day though Xanios had died from an unknown monster attack and she was sent to hell. In hell, she was found by the she-devils who remade her, recreated her and renamed her Shinjukku Zipangu, who is now an Asian Demoness, these She-Devils gave her new life and new adventures that she needed. Then Shinjukku woke from her slumber back in Tokyo, she had these goals in mind set out for her by the She-Devils; Make Friends and Allies, Have a Wife, Have a Family, Join a Coven, Travel all over the world, be active and do stuff, and to cause chaos/mayhem/carnage or do as she wishes. However, in her history, she has been rumored to act out with a harsh and cruel hand, it is rumored that she caused terror in the dark streets at night. She is very fond of females but is not exactly too trusting of males, though she will work with them if need be. She is not to be crossed and will do whatever benefits her and her goals. She is on a quest for A Wife/Friends/Family/Coven and gladly appreciates anything given to her, However, she does not care the means to achieve these things, and even she knows that she still has lots to learn in order to fulfill her goals! Shinjukku is Rude/Hostile/Psychotic/Arrogant/Crazy/Rebellious/Manipulative/Foul/Cruel/Twisted as a true Demon would. She enjoys Females/Girls/Women/Demons/Vampires//Rebellion/Witches/Chaos/Disorder/Fun/Parties/Mischief. It is also common knowledge that Females have a much easier time befriending Shinjukku than males do, due to the history told to her by the She-Devils who told her what men had done. However, Shinjukku knows she needs to know about all Races in this realm, as well as Crews and the like. However, here is a stern warning, a meeting with Shinjukku may not always be a meeting to look forward to, She is a Monster, a Beast, a Demonic Rebel, a Barbaric Asian, and should one say or do the wrong thing or even piss her off, then it might not end up well for them, but please her or at least interest her and you might have something, just maybe. Her abilities are rumored to be countless as well as feats. It is even rumored that the Asian Demoness Shinjukku Zipangu even swallows 100-Foot Megalodons whole, and yes even Megalodons are scared of her! She is now in the Realms on the surface, which may be a good thing, or it may be a bad thing. She is on the move and on the search to Make Friends (Preferably Female ones), Make Allies, A Family (She has no family), Find a Woman to Marry to be her Wife (Race does not Matter as long as they are Female), Join a Coven (Though she won't join just any Coven though for just any reason!), Stay true to the Demon Race, Tokyo, Females and Covens in this realm, and Be Active and go on adventures and journeys in the Realm of Bloodletting! Her Eternal and Infinite Story (And the Asian Nightmare) Has only truly Begun for The Asian Demoness Shinjukku Jipanga Zipangu from Tokyo, Japan!

OOC: Always open and willing to RP and will reply ASAP! I do Mail and Forums, and all Points of View, and any liners! Shinjukku is usually not a very friendly person and usually easily angred! I am however very friendly, way unlike my character! Am Looking forward to RPing with all of you!

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