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Thank you.
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Gray Taylor

Jasper Thompson

Last five threads posted in:
Gray Taylor 02/04/20 Gray stare at the phone, letting out a long sigh as he considers his choices. Rile the girl up, and let that be her lasting memory, or just... lie.

It's easy, really.

Nothing. Just lost track of him on the ship.
I'll find him. You girls just have fun.
Gray Taylor 01/30/20 Claire
Have you heard from Bodhi?
Gray Taylor 01/13/20 Claire
He knows it. Will do.
Gray Taylor 01/13/20 Claire
Mhmm. See you in ten.
Gray Taylor 01/13/20 Claire
That’s it. I’m calling it.
I’m coming over and we are talking this out.
Whatever this is.
Mackenzie 01/13/20 Claire
No. She needs a crutch. There’s a difference. Asking Jasper along was selfish and she knows that. As shitty as it all is, I can say with complete confidence that she misses the fuck out of you. So you two should take advantage of that, and I’ll keep your brother at bay. 😉
Mackenzie 01/11/20 Mackenzie had been thinking hard, ever since being presented with an invitation she knows isn't truly extended. She'd talked to Jasper at great length, pulling from him every little detail she could until she was sure the well was dry. She'd spent time with Sarah, attempting to talk her navigate her to a better decision that never comes.

Ultimately, she knows what she will have to do.

One day, I'd love to talk to you when things aren't quite so tense. I never had a sister, and this feels like a wasted opportunity.

I've been caught up on everything, talking to the two of them. Say the word, Claire, and I will bow Jasper out of this whole thing myself.
Gray Taylor 12/12/19 Gray bows his head if only to hide the smirk upon his face as she calls him on his shit. A sideways glance is passed toward Bodhi, incapable of not sharing his amusement with the man. "Eye of the beholder, I suppose."

It is her suggestion and observation that has him lifting his head and brows. Looking at his hands, and then at Bodhi, Gray presses his lips together. He can already tell that the idea of a cruise has set in. Who is he to deny his person this? "Of course, a cruise sounds nice." He fucking hates boats. "Company card," he looks at Claire, squinting slightly as he makes the decision to fudge the numbers. "The stranger the destination, the more intrigued she will be."
Gray Taylor 12/12/19 It had been a relaxing moment for the two, until Claire came barreling in. She’s hot, and Gray has to work at stifling the laugh that desperately wants to escape. One glance passed to Bodhi, he moves to stand, leaning back into the arm of the chair nearest Claire. “As if she could stay away forever. It’s Sarah. Furthermore, the London office has not closed.” He would not by any means offer up the fact that this had been Bodhi’s choice.

“She’s always been partial to New York. You’re more than welcome there, you know. In New York. ...To visit.”
Gray Taylor 11/06/19 “Mmm, but Doctor Taylor? Prestigious as it gets.” Glancing down at her, Gray let’s out a hum of amusement before dipping his head back. Such an odd thing, to truly relax. Even still, he’s silently restless. “When’s the wedding? Hm?”
Gray Taylor 11/05/19 Taking a seat beside the girl, Gray comfortably puts an arm around her slender shoulders in a bizarre show of brotherly affection. "...Claire Taylor has a nice ring to it."

He smirks. He can't quite help himself.
Gray Taylor 09/21/19 Claire
I want you and Sarah to lock yourselves up at home.
No going out. No visitors.
There is a gun in my desk.
Left side, second drawer, under the false bottom.
Gray Taylor 08/21/19 Claire
You two, enjoy.
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
And don’t hesitate to call me if you need.
Gray Taylor 08/21/19 Claire
Let’s play it by ear. We won’t be staying in the city long.
But f-ck knows we may travel after.
Why would you two have to go?
I’m not going to ask you to do that.
Gray Taylor 08/20/19 Claire
Such faith.
We're going to need flights booked to New York.
Some thing with Wahnsinn.
Honestly, Orlav is a terror.
Gray Taylor 08/20/19 Claire
Of course.
Were you worried?
Gray Taylor 08/20/19 Claire
Never mind. We are good.
Gray Taylor 08/14/19 Claire
I need you to do me a favor.
Mackenzie 08/08/19 Reading the messages as they come in, Mackenzie sinks back into her seat and frowns, glancing toward Jasper's unmanned desk with a pathetic sort of look in her eyes. Grief is something she has made a home in several times over, and there is only one person that has ever pulled her from those depths.

It's not silly at all.

One time, I lost someone very dear to me. I made a home in that grief. Waited and waited for them to come back for years. But if care isn't taken, you can get lost. The only advice I can offer is to hold Sarah and Gray close, lean on them, and let them be there for you - even if it means putting your all into them.

A moment of consideration is taken, lips pressed together as she considers things. It is difficult to be in this position, to feel like a burden and swallow ones pride. Sighing, she shakes her head gently.

I'll always be here for you. No matter what.

With that, Mackenzie makes a call, reaching out to Henri. Strict instructions are given. Medical books, journals, all of it, would be carefully packed and overnighted to the first and only sister she has ever had. But on her own, she goes out, taking her time to shop before sending off her own gift wrapped neatly and boxed. A leather bound journal, the pages clean and waiting to be loved.

For you, and Elias.
All my love,
Mackenzie 08/03/19 This is oddly refreshing. Mackenzie had never expected any sort of relationship, but there is an odd sort of comfort that comes from it. Needless to say, she'd completely understand if Claire wanted nothing to do with her, but...

There's no worry. Promise.
You are very capable.

Too much?

I'm glad things are getting better.
It's okay, here. Rather doing the same as you.

You're welcome. If there is anything you want, just let me know. Truly. And the hanging that sketch is far from that. It's sweet, and personal. Anyone who thinks poorly of it can beat it.

Are there any books you'd like?
Mackenzie 08/03/19 Claire
Checking in. How are you?

Is that okay? To check in?
Gray Taylor 05/03/19 “Mm..” Gray glances away, settling his sights upon her vanity as he mulls it all over. A minute would pass by before he finally speaks. “I am more than certain she will find nothing to forgive. But when she travels to London, whenever that may be, you’re not going to be able to shrug her off like this. Her staying with Jasper is a good thing. They both need that.” That damning Cheshire smirk appears again. “But she also needs you. And you, her.”

A sigh escapes him as he brings his sights to her once more. “You’re both ridiculous. But you two will be fine.”
Gray Taylor 05/03/19 “I trust you.” The words are a simple response. Gray told her ages ago that he trusted her with his sister’s life and that hasn’t changed. Sighing, as if they’ve discussed all they could at this time, pressed on. “Once they wake up, I will see that they get situated and we will go to back to London promptly thereafter. Should I keep her away, in the meantime?”
Gray Taylor 05/02/19 A soft nod is given as she expresses her trust. It doesn't matter how difficult it is for her to voice, Gray knows well that it is true. So, he remain as such, becoming the still anchor to her trembling uncertainty. The girl is practically a leaf within his grasp, so much so that he is moved by her. "We will unpack this. It is terrifying, I know. But it is amazing what a person can do when the stakes are highest."

Unable to help it, a slight smile pulls at the corner of his mouth, and he drops his hand, taking hers with it. It takes next to nothing to enclose her hand in his, and he is reminded of a very specific piece of history. A heavy sigh, a self-deprecating glance, and Gray would lay it out honestly for her. "This isn't my strongest suit either, Claire. But.. I know we can handle this.

"You have to tell me, though. When it's too much, and too close to the surface of it. Alright?" What had Jasper told him? How could he ever forget. "But you have got to feel this, Claire. You can't just numb it away. Understand?" He can handle a little fire.
Gray Taylor 05/02/19 A deep, rueful sigh would escape him as he allows her to say what she pleases, though his overcast gaze would watch her as she speaks. He understands it all too well, but Gray would not be moved. "You will do neither," he raises a brow, glancing toward the door as if half expecting an equally dramatic interruption before returning his full attention to Claire. "You are my sister," the statement comes with so much conviction, it is impossible to question. He loves her, and would move mountains for her.

"You will mourn, Claire. Slowly, as you can. It will be painful, and it will take time, but you will get through this and I will be with you every step of the way. Sarah will be fine." Without much concern, his hand lifts only to take up her chin. He has absolutely no idea what he will do, or even can do, but he is absolutely driven. So, watching her just as carefully as she does him, he leans in just slightly to punctuate his question. "Do you trust me?"
Gray Taylor 05/02/19 He had been waiting outside the room, fully aware that things would not go well. His worst fears were only confirmed when Sarah made a beeline out of the room, eyes rimmed red and refusing to look at him. Their moment of sibling normalcy uprooted, he accepts his place in her world once more, taking a step back to allow her chosen brother his time in the limelight. Gray might just be irritated by this, but he also knows that he does just the same with Claire.

A soft knock announces his entry, and he closes the door behind him before walking slowly to the bed where she rests. Gently, he sits on the edge, a hand coming to rest on what he can only guess at being her shin might be. Whatever happened, he understands it wasn't pleasant for either girl. "I shouldn't have let her come up here. I'm sorry. She just... isn't herself yet."

They haven't spoken much, but of all others, Gray has had the most access to Claire since everything happened. Few words were spoken, but when they were, they were meaningful. She is so much like him, and he truly comprehends her needs. "Sarah will come around." He wishes, more than anything, that he could shoulder her burden. It would be so much easier for her, if only he could take on the weight of her world. "How are you feeling?"
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
No. You are not.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
She’s generally a woman of strong words.
All will be detailed out.

I really do hate that woman.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
If you’d rather speak to her directly, I am sure it can be arranged.
Under supervision.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
Your calendar says you will be back at 3:30.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
Would you look at that. I suddenly have an opening.
See you at 4.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
Appreciate you.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
Are you really going to make me text all this?
Schedule a meeting. Thirty minutes.
Gray Taylor 04/04/19 Claire
I do handle it. But this isn’t optional. This is a need to know.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
It is actually important.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
It’s not like I’m defending her.
It’s obvious neither of us are fans.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
There is control to be had in all things.
It is simply up to the individual to find the means.
Just know that I'll do everything in my power.

We should also talk sometime soon.
About your brother's wife.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
I won't let anything happen to either of you.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
Do you feel you haven't been?
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
Of course.
Just don't forget, she's not using her head.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
My point is that I told you that the head does not belong in these matters.

I do mean it will actually help. In a good way.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
You're right. Psychiatry will help you.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
I see.
And you're worried she's going to be upset about the loss of time together.

Want to talk about that?
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
Oxford is a fine school.
Why would she be disappointed? I'm sure she will be very excited for you.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
Congratulations on your raise.
What school?
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
You’re both smart. He just sometimes lacks common sense.
If you had told me you had a degree, I would have paid you more from the get.
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
You're five. How did you manage that?
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire have a diploma?
Gray Taylor 04/03/19 Claire
I'm confused. Medical school? Where did this come from?
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 "If your mother knew, she would have been here already." Gray isn't foolish enough to believe that Lilith would not be there in an instant to rip into him if she had any idea what has transpired. He'd been expecting her, spending each minute preparing for something there is no real preparing for.

There is a moment of silence that passes through him as he considers everything between them. Her anger, her obvious desire to defend his own sister, Sarah's home here. It is all so abundantly clear to the man, but it seems there would be no reasoning with Claire. "The facts are that Jasper does deserve to know. Sarah is falling in love with you. And those feelings are clearly reciprocated. Whether you acknowledge that or not makes no difference in the reality of it all."

Taking a breath, he moves to take the cup to sink, placing it carefully within it's depths. "If you'll excuse me, I need to contend with your brother's wrath." With that, he walks to the couch, looking at Sarah momentarily though not daring to reach out. And then, quietly leaves. Telling Jasper is worth the price. He cannot do this alone.
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 “Right. So let’s tell him, so he can tell Lilith, and we can hear it from both of them. I’ll get on that straight away, Claire. Breach of contract sounds like a great idea.” As if solidifying this conversation, he takes a seat upon a stool, fixing her with a look that says this isn’t over at all.

“That is my sister. I love her enough to sell my soul, and give her the space she blatantly desires. Do not mistake my silence for indifference.” His tea is getting cold, but it’s no matter. Jasper had put him on a path, and he would not fail him a second time. “But I also know her. Sarah doesn’t do friends. She doesn’t let people in without intent. You aren’t friends, and I think you know that. So when I advise to do one or the other, know that it is because I am literally watching her make a home in you.”

An exhausted look is passed over his shoulder, as if checking to ensure the sleeping girl is not listening in on this transaction of words. “Once again, Claire.” He meets his gaze, leveling with her easily. “I am trusting you with her. I told you I trust you, and that remains true. You hold the power, and what you do with that is up to you. But you are going to need help, whether you want it or not, regardless of your choices.” Standing, he finishes his tea before bringing it down to the counter and staring into the depths of the empty cup.

“Do you want me to tell him, or no?”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 “I tried to warn you of consequences, Claire.” Abrupt, Gray lets out a sigh. He isn’t exactly the best at these things, though he does try. “Your brother is furious, and no longer speaking to me. His wife, no doubt, is plotting my murder as we speak. And you two,” he lets the word hang between them for a moment. “Of all the things I considered when we were sat there, this wasn’t it. So there are two options. Break her heart, or don’t. Whichever you decide, I will help you. It doesn’t which, the potential consequences are the same.”

All of it leaves a bitter taste upon his tongue, and as if trying to wash it away, he drinks from his cup once more. “I’m not saying these things to upset you.” A hand waves low over the table, as if wiping away any murkiness to his message. “You should do whatever makes you happiest. But it would be prudent to get ahead of whatever it may be.”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Her words immediately still him, and Gray settles an unreadable stare upon Claire. Jasper is right. He is f-cking foolish, and oblivious. There is no turning back from this, and he needs to step up his game. Taking a sip of his tea, he considers carefully how to word this. “Do you want me to be delicate about this, or brutally honest?”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 An amused huff escapes him as he reads the message, already enroute. It is seconds before he lets himself in, glancing at his curled up ball of a sister before making his way to the kitchen where the distinct sound of tea preparation calls his attention. “You know, you can send her home whenever you want to.”
Gray Taylor 03/16/19 Claire
Stone cold out, or napping out?
I’ll be over.
Gray Taylor 03/15/19 Claire
Let me know the next time she passes out.
We should probably talk.
Gray Taylor 03/09/19 Considering everything, Gray simply studies her. She’s confident, and he is confident in her capabilities. The average secretary would start at a barely living wage. Claire is better than that. With a sigh, he taps the surface of his desk. “We will start you at fifty grand a year. Obviously, you get benefits. Paid time off, sick days, insurance. Bonuses. After ninety days, we will regroup and assess. Sound fair?”
Gray Taylor 03/08/19 Gray looks up from where he sits, steel gaze previously trained upon the screen of his laptop. "I'm always here," he finds himself confused as he watches her, listening to her begin to chatter on. He doesn't have to wait for to explain, because she is already showing him precisely what she has done. There is a moment of silence that hangs in the air as he considers the girl before him. It is best they remain close, and she truly does seem to have a knack for organization. "Monday through Friday, nine to five. Some evenings, depending on meetings or events. What is your desired pay?"
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I know. The things I do for your brother.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I didn't. I begged.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
What can I do?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Well, I do.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
You could just talk to him.
You might be surprised.

Is that singing?
Why is she singing?
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire

I don't know what to do.
He's trying. He's waiting.
He is being so patient, and he's just drowning.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
After you give him two minutes of your time.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
And when he asks about Sarah?
You know what.
Fine. I'll tell him about Sarah.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I can't lie to him.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
How am I supposed to explain you being out at night?
We had a deal.
And maybe. But I know hers.
That's not it.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
We were talking about you. And Jasper.
And you should know we are great fun.
That’s not a friend smile.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
We aren’t talking about me.
Could you at least say hello to him? Something?
And what’s going on with you and Sarah?
You’re very... smiley.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Please don’t do this to me.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
I see what you did there.
It’s a no from me.
Gray Taylor 03/04/19 Claire
Dinner Wednesday. You, me, your brother.
Don’t know what to do with Sarah. Ideas?
Gray Taylor 02/28/19 Claire
Have fun.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Claire
There wasn't a question from him.
He declared it. Remember, he has a key.
Just offer her a drink. She loves those.
Gray Taylor 02/27/19 Claire
Jasper is coming here. Now.
Bought some time.
Get Sarah out of here.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 F-ck me, he was right.
You're just like your mother.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Already making me proud.
Look at you go.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 ...Do you want to try it?
Please remember the part where five is not legal.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 A Manhattan. Best drink there is.
Legal age is questionable, I suppose.
You don’t want to be drunk. Drinking is bad.
And you’re wlecome.
Thank you for being... very mature.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 It’s not the alcohol. It’s the drink.
Are you old enough to drink?
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 That’s not how this works.
And I’m not drunk.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 You’re five. Get a grip. Melodramatics don’t start until 12.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Sheltered as sin.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 Why not? I made an offer you couldn’t refuse.
Gray Taylor 02/22/19 You can call me The Godfather.
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