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Wanna die? hmu.

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"All sins tend to be addictive; the terminal point of addiction is damnation." -- W. H. Auden
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No one wearing a crown comes in peace.

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Livia Vlcek 10/07/20 *squints* Famous last words, always. 'You'll be fine.. I swear'. *pouts* I'll be in my attic if you need me. *rushes off dramatically*
Drusilla Warren 10/07/20 Drusilla grinned once more.

Solid black orbs stared at Katherine. "Yes, I am just precious. My fifth mother used to tell me that all the time. I was so sad when she was eaten." She shrugs. She continued to smile and bats her eyes at Kat, she didn't know what she'd just done. By playing to Dru's ego she had made a friend for life - and beyond. "Okay Miss Kat. Well, flying kites is much fun! You must try it." She does not skip for the moment, instead she just hops back and forth from one foot to the other. "You can not have red kite though.. a yellow one, bright like the sun would be best for you!"

Drusilla Warren 10/07/20 As she pranced by she stopped to stare at the woman blonde haired woman. An impish grin made it's way over her face. "You sure are pretty Miss. Lady." Her head tilts right, then left. Now her voice drops to a whisper. "Do you want like to fly kites?"
Livia Vlcek 10/06/20 *blinks* The alligators are not enough? You must also have honey badgers? So it will be a veritable minefield walking across the front yard. Acuz honey badger don't care.. *pouts, know she will be attacked repeatedly*
Livia Vlcek 10/06/20 Just wanted you to know that my spirit animal is a Ferret. *flutters lashes*
Jackson McCarthy 09/17/20 "Leave the tab open," Jackson told the bartender.

As he was grabbing their drinks, he felt her reaching into his pocket (Katherine Murray just stole $3,917.00 from you!). "I'm not against public displays of affection, love. But I'm sure the good people of this establishment would prefer we waited until we were somewhere private" He chuckles and hands her her drink and takes a drink of his beer.
Jackson McCarthy 09/14/20 Jackson laughed loudly. She was lucky he could take a joke, otherwise he may have renegged on that drink offer. "Neither. I do just fine. Or was that your way of asking me to sleep with you?" He looked down at her and smirked. Then ordered a beer, and told the bartended to put whatever Kat wanted on his tab. "Because, I wouldn't be against that."
Rune 09/13/20 Rune watched the seemingly busy woman turn and leave, granting a grin in her departing direction. "Bye now, I'll call on you sometime," he called after her, doubting any further conversation. He took a drag and cast the smoke upwards, watching her form disappear with an amused sideways glance.
Rune 09/11/20 Thanks Sugar. Where can I find ya if I do be needin' ?
Jude Hawthorne 09/11/20 The woman arched a brow. Cute. And Jude flashed a blinding smile. Maybe the lady hadn't expected her to play ball. But when someone asked if there was anything she needed, it's not like Jude had any reason to turn them down. “'Spose you're right.” She looked around them and smirked. “I heard half the water in the Nola swamps is booze. And..”

Head tipped to the side, Jude traced the woman's face with her eyes, committing it to memory. You know. In case she needed help later. “I already have a lovely shack of my own somewhere out there. Probably ought to spend more time there. But it's so goddamn boring. Talking with pretty strangers is more worth my time.” Her shoulder lifted in a shrug. “What's a girl to do, eh?”
Jude Hawthorne 09/07/20 The pretty blond's smile was blinding as she approached, almost annoyingly bright. Certainly, she wasn't Jude's normal clientele but.. “Thanks, Doll.” Pale eyes gave her a once over, assessing worth? Or maybe just checking her out, trying to tell if she was well off or not. The woman had offered assistance, but the witch never took without returning the favor. “Unless you know how to fly under the radar of the cops or the best place to get a drink, 'fraid it'd be rude of me to be any greedier than that.”
Jackson McCarthy 09/02/20 *nods along* Ahh. Is this the bloke that's been telling women he likes their hair?
You're right. Real life Buffalo Bill.
It's a good thing you got away

*opens door to the pub they've reached*
Get whatever you want, you poor, traumatized thing, you.
*more sarcasm..probably pressing his luck...that's what Jackson did!*
Siobhan Boru 08/29/20 KITTYYYYYYYY
Jackson McCarthy 08/27/20 Sounds charming, *he wrangles his hand free from hers so he can put his arm around her shoulders* I'm sorry you had to go through that. It sounds awful. *He might be being slightly sarcastic* How does this make him a real life buffalo bill?
Jackson McCarthy 08/27/20 *chuckles* Hello, Female Me. *cringes* A real life buffalo bill? Damn. I'd definitely say a drink is needed. And of course, I'm more than happy to buy *slight eyeroll as he's dragged away* How did you escape?
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 *has no shame*
*whips off shirt*
*strips down to boxers (gotta keep it pg, after all)*
*starts singing* Close your eyes...make a wish, and blow out the candlelight.
Tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate
All through the night...

Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 Mmm, naughty naughty. *makes suggestive eyebrow movements*
I can sing for you. Would you like me to be naked as well? *grins*
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 *eyebrows furrow* How did you know?

*laughs abruptly* Just kidding. I do however sing a rather dreamy version of I'll Make Love to You. *straight face*
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 *cheeky grin*'s not a threat at all! I just...really like your hair. I thought women liked having their hair complimented. *tilts head* Am I wrong?
Gabe Marlowe 08/27/20 You know...Your hair is very pretty.
Cassandra Malinov 08/17/20

"Of course you silly woman do you think I would not put cupcakes in there for you. Awe and you know you are loved that's why everyone is bossy."
Cassandra Malinov 08/17/20 Cassie walked up with a basket of goodies then just giggled.

"If you leave me again woman I am going to swift kick you in your ass."

She busted out laughing then handed her the basket.

"It is great to have you back Kat I missed ya. This is for you of course all your favorites of course food wise liquor the works."
Murmur 08/17/20 Pounces on auntie kat “ Stop leave meeeeeee!”
Ronan -R Boru 08/17/20 Welcome back a nd it is good to see you in gold again.
Livia Vlcek 06/24/20 *bites lower lip* Man.. I don't even want to count how many I've married.
*scrunches nose* It's like way too many if I count how many times I've been married vs who I married.
Edward Brollachan 06/23/20 There were certain individuals that piqued the senses of the ancient Scot when they were present in the Realm. His leader, Dessa and members of the coven, his oldest friend Livia across the Divide, and... another Scot. He had been aware when she left the presence of the Realm and just as aware when she had returned.

Removing his satphone from his sporran, he scrolled through his contacts - a considerably shorter list these days - and grunted in mild pleasure and amusement she was still there.

Thumbing a quick message, he hit the SEND icon.

Thig gu Paris, Catriona
Livia Vlcek 06/21/20 *arches a brow* So you're free to marry now?
Murmur 06/03/20 *pounces on Auntie Kat* Gratz on POTD
Cassandra Malinov 04/20/20 Cassie jumps on her best friend's back then kisses her cheek.

"Hey there babes. I miss you woman. We need to have a drinking party."
Saphire Justicano 02/05/20 "Oh auntie what did you do to be most wanted? Well congrats proud to be your niece."
Cassandra Malinov 02/05/20 Cassie hands her the metal cutting power saw then smiled.

"Here you go just in case you need to break out of jail. Have no idea what you did to be most wanted today but whatever it was I want to join next time. Congrats sista from another mister on your POTD. Love ya. Oh I almost forgot."

Hands her a bottle of her favorite liquor and her own batch of favorite home made cookies she made.

"In case you get hungry and thirsty while you think of your next plan."
Zacarias 02/05/20 Congrats on POD Auntie Kat.
Mordred 01/25/20 Congrats on the P.O.T.D. fearless leader.
Vexa 11/29/19 *bounces, but innocently.. not like a dog humping her Maman's leg*
*contemplates if there is anything better than peesha or beef jerky*
*looks up* Cajun seasoning? Cake?
*eyes widen* Turkey?
*isn't that what everyone is eating?*
Vexa 11/28/19 Mom.. mom.. maman. *stares* Happy Fannngsgiving. *attaches self to* I'm fangful for you.
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~He gave her a hug then smile.~ "I am doing great as well. Missed ya I know I haven't been around a lot aunt Liv almost didn't recognize me. Mom keeps me on my toes though which is always a good thing."
Draven Justicano 11/17/19 ~Drav waved at his aunt Kat giving a smile.~ "Hey aunt Kat, how are you?"
Livia Vlcek 11/16/19 *grins* Well there's an idea.. but honestly, where is the fun in that?
*shifty eyes* I thought you were a zombie! Eesh! You shoot a person once..
*stops and counts* Twice.. twice and they never let you live that down!
*stomps off, rambling in Czech*
Livia Vlcek 11/16/19 *chuckles* It's an alligator Kat.. I'm not like you.
*blinks* I can't grow things back.
*shifty eyes* Except hair.. I can grow that back.
Livia Vlcek 11/16/19 *winks* Don't bet on me..
Livia Vlcek 11/16/19 *stares at* That isn't for your consumption dearest Kat.
*grins* I got a gator to wrestle.
Livia Vlcek 11/14/19 Hold my beer.. *hands over the pint of Guinness*
Vexa 11/10/19
Vexa 11/04/19 She's all eyes and teeth, shaking her head. No, she's never shopped before as her tribe would grow, trade or raise what they needed to eat. Vexa's excited at the prospect though and takes Mother's hand. Toddling beside the Matriarch in her new wellies, the smallish woman looks up as they make their way across the swamp, all questions that drift lazily into the night. "Can we have Cheetos? Mountain Dew?" Her eyes are afire as she hurriedly whispers. "Can we get Cajun seasoning? For the dead.."
Gabe Marlowe 11/02/19 He laughed quietly at her hesitation. Maybe she was just as lost as he was. But then she mentioned pizza. "Vexa, hm? Not a huge fan of pizza, but..Thanks!" He waves as he turns to go find Nic and Vexa, "See you later!"
Vexa 10/31/19 Brows raise, cat-like eyes grow. At first Vexa is unsure if she has insulted the Matriarch as the woman stares. But then, Mother cradles the phone, smiles and the girl is bathed in a warmth that soothes. Vexa is nearly bouncing now, it seems she was very helpful and Mother is please. The words she speaks cause copper eyes to line with tears. Katherine would have a kitchen built if she had to do it herself. Bright white teeth shine like a crescent moon. No more ordering pizza, not that she doesn't like pizza. The girl loves pizza.. just not every day. "Go to the market? Buy food?" The words are mouthed of course, just a hint of a whisper to give slight distinction to each. "Dad will take us?"
Amethyst 10/30/19 Adding the finishing touches i slip out the door and head on my way. Getting strange looks from passer byers i made my way to the neighborhood in the good side of tiwn.knocking on the door i said trick or treat. If they openened the door they would be looking a a Siamese cat
Marah Whitmoore 10/30/19 +Not sure of what to wear Marah thought long and hard. She was Harley Quinn last year this year she was going to go the other way. She finally found what she was looking for. Wearing a dress that was made if Angel armor dhe had the sword to match. Checking herself over she was pleased of the outcome. Going to the place that she choose the arch angel Uriel stood outside of the residence and rang the door bell.+ "Trick or Treat" +The Arch Angel said and waited for the homeowner to appear at the door. She hoped she got something good and special.+
Vexa 10/29/19 Eyebrows raise over cat-like eyes, the expression is innocence and slight wonderment. Vexa offers the brightest smile at Katherine's acknowledgment. The smaller of the two women moves closer so that she can possibly be heard over the sounds of the swamp.

"Hello Mother." It's the barest of whispers; a gentle breeze across leaves. She points to herself. "I am Vexa." No sound. Brows gather in almost frustration. She tries once more, exhaling as she speaks. "I love it here."

Another megawatt smile. She's bouncing a tiny bit in place. Then remembers that Katherine looked as if she was having cell trouble. Looking down into her satchel, Vexa pulls a satphone from within and hands it to Katherine. She points upwards towards the night sky.

"Satphone. Works anywhere." She nods, almost proud of herself for being helpful. It was a necessary component for a girl that literally grew up in the middle of nowhere- even if she didn't often use it. "I carry it as a backup."
Gabe Marlowe 10/24/19 Gabe nodded, "I definitely will." He turned to leave, but then thought of something, "Oh, one thing. Is there anywhere I can get a good burger?" Totally random, but he was starving.
Vexa 10/24/19 She continues on her journey through the swamp, candle balanced on the palm of her hand. Not only is Vexa looking for supplies, she seeks Katherine. The most important person of the tribe. The Matriarch. Little is known about the woman but Vexa figures when she sees the Mother, she will know. As copper eyes search the soggy ground and clear waters, a figure is spied. Tall, lithe, blonde. She wants to call out, to announce her presence but cannot. Vexa has little to no voice.

She watches for many minutes, entranced by the graceful movement. This, this is the Mother. Is she dancing? Vexa narrows her eyes in attempt to see what exactly the woman is doing. A cell phone? A mute laugh, her body shakes. It appears as if the woman is trying to gain better cell reception. The necromancer knows well the pain of bad cell reception. Mores the pity. A stomp of a foot against aging trunk of bald cypress, she waits to be noticed.
Mackenzie 10/21/19 Kat said it was fine, but it didn't feel fine. Mackenzie had a lot of things on her mind, and it all started and ended with safety. So, as she made her way to the private residence that is hers and Jasper's, she thinks out how to respond to this. Mackenzie thinks very, very hard.

While the days of the Council are dead (thank God), there are certain things that are... polite. Like speaking to your neighbors before you open a blood bank in the middle of their hippy drum circle. That is important. Then, there was the fact that she came from her own crew. This shines a poor light on Sine Metu, and Mackenzie has worked very hard to keep everything squeaky clean.

But, on the other hand, what does it all really matter. Had Katherine spoken to the two Sanctuaries beforehand, would they have said no? Likely not the case. Would they all have sang and danced every night away together, and become the best of friends? All signs point to no.

Still... Katherine is being flippant. She is no longer safe in the conversation, and Mackenzie needs to fix that first and foremost.

How can I not be concerned?
Help me to understand.
Will make sure to give him extra.
I believe you left an ear behind.
[Image attached]
Gabe Marlowe 10/21/19 Gabe shakes her hand firmly and lets out a noise somewhere in between a laugh and a -I'm super duper awkward with compliments- kinda noise. "Husband, lucky man! It's a pleasure to meet you Katherine. Thank you for opening your home to this lost soul." He grins, "If there's anything I can do to help earn my keep, please let me know."
Dessa Chambers 10/21/19 It had been a long, long time since Dessa had seen Katherine, a life time, really. Long before the second fall of Sine. Still, she wanted to reach out, "Welcome to the Gold, Katherine! The color looks fantastic on you." Dessa grinned, "How are you enjoying it so far?"
Gabe Marlowe 10/21/19 Aye, I am new! Quite new. Kinda lost and confused new, but a very nice man named Nicolas offered me a drink and a place to stay. *outstretches his right hand* I'm Gabe! It's nice to meet you.
Mackenzie 10/19/19 Her eyes nearly bug out of her eyes when the response comes in. Mackenzie is not the most kind of creatures, but she is a bit OCD in her manners when it comes to politics. As it stands, Kenz is in a state of momentary shock before she comes to her senses.

Stepping into a bar, she immediately sets to work at getting herself completely trashed.

That's a fret.
You've gone arseways.
Best make that right, Kat.
And don't do anything stupid.
I can't find ya if you're in the belly of a whale.
Mackenzie 10/19/19 Mackenzie comes up from the subways, stepping out onto the street as her phone begins to chime. And chime. And chime. The voicemail is first, and between Katherine's brogue and the shit service, it is impossible to understand. Then, the text.

"In the swa- oh. Oh."

Squinting down at her phone, she begins to curse the entirety of her evening. It was meant to be a night out, and now it would be all work.

Oye. You talk to Beau and El?
Don't wrestle any aligators.
That shit is stupid.
Remember Croc Dundee.
Livia Vlcek 10/19/19 I do not know. Honestly. I don't remember him, he said we met and got married. *stares* You know my tolerance to everything. Even monkey bites..
Livia Vlcek 10/18/19 Almost wut.. wut? *gives Kat puppy eyes.. then the tail* I'm confused. *whines*
Livia Vlcek 10/17/19 We aren't? *cants head* Why? I married some rando.. allegedly.. I have no recollection but yeàaaaaa.
Livia Vlcek 10/16/19 *laughs* Well I am glad I do not eat these things called 'Wheaties'.
*cants head* But whatever it is, it looks good on you.
*sniffs once more* He.. looks good on you. *winks*

Congrats on your newest station!
Livia Vlcek 10/16/19 *sniffs* You smell.. and look.. different.
*grins* Did you take a trip to Mexico without me?
Mackenzie 09/27/19 This is her own, personal Hell. Mackenzie is stood in a tunnel within her home, watching as her own and those that have taken control roam about. They're smug, the invaders. They know they have the upper hand, and fully understand that they are in no position to fight back. But at least she is home, and that is what matters most. Until, of course, a mass of honeyed hair appears before her, announcing itself with a loud thwack.

Instantly, her attention has turned. The Shadows turn all attention toward the pair, tension rising quickly as they prepare to attack at the first sign of aggression.

Clearly, Mackenzie has made a name for herself. No one near her is ever trusted.

Two oceans meet, and she chews at her lip as she listens before speaking. "I know that you didn't unleash a f-cking army on me, Katherine." Full names, because she is in a mood. "And ghosts aren't real."
Mackenzie 09/26/19 Kit Kat
Darling, those aren’t ghosts...
Mackenzie 09/26/19 Kit Kat
I’m going to need some background info on this.
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19
Victor Lockheed 09/14/19
Mackenzie 09/03/19 Yeah, you are grounded. You can use one of the old maintenance rooms. No insurance. No bomb squad.
-Wrinkles nose-
No promises on the electrical, either.
Mackenzie 09/03/19 You are the literally most.
Kyla 08/19/19 *laughs once*
Lucky day for us both, aye?
I'm not busy at the moment. Being that you're delighted by another Irish, as you should be, McSorley's it is.
Kyla 08/19/19 *looks briefly surprised*
A Scot so far from home...
Since you've caught me red handed, I'm honor bound to buy you that drink. But... Whoever says you weren't meant to feel it in the first place?
Mackenzie 08/14/19 "Some little **** with tattoos all over." She waves a hand. "Kat, people aren't lizards. You need a lizard to regrow limbs. Maybe find a man, make a gecko bite him, and then try."
Mackenzie 08/13/19 -Raises brow-
Honestly, I don't believe you.
Buuut... I may know just the person.
-Sits on table-
Hear me out.
There is this man that turned me down.
-Wags brow-
Mackenzie 08/13/19 -squints-
Are you... looking for a husband?
Is that what is happening?
Honey, listen.
Women are so much easier.
Mackenzie 08/13/19 What do you need a hand for? You have two.
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 KitKat
As if you ever had to doubt.
That is one of my specialties.
I don't employ it often, but... That's no reason for concern.
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 KitKat
Of course I'd say me, but I'll be generous and say she's a close second.
Cassandra Malinov 07/25/19 Cassie just laughed at her old friend then hugged her.

"I love you girl and missed ya. How are you doing?"

She looked at her with a smile.
Gray Taylor 07/19/19 -ignores-
Mackenzie 07/17/19 "Don't get too excited," she mutters. "This is a t-shirt."

Waving a hand, she glances over Katherine before stepping forward and closing the space between them. Just a foot away. One foot. Icy hues flicker over her blonde counterpart, a huff of breath escaping her as if suddenly struck by some humorous thought.

"We're going to our place. Ordering in." A hand reaches, moving to touch to Kat's arm and give a firm yet gentle squeeze. "I'm cheap."
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -beams-
Missed you, too, KitKat.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -blinks again-
I don't think we have a hot tub...
-shrugs back-
We can fix that.
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -tumbles-
-is unfazed-
'Bout time you were home!
-gives alllll the kisses-
Jasper Thompson 07/16/19 -squints harder-
-squints too hard-
-blinks rapidly-
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 Welcome to the coven
Mackenzie 07/15/19 She's in rare form. Mackenzie has a taste for something specific tonight, needing to break her usual, grungy habits. So instead of boots... she goes for the heels. Clack clack clack, each steps announces her looming presence as she walks the hall of the tunnels until she sees ahead a familiar face, a flaxen mane of gold worn like a crown. "You're not going to get a good signal down here with that," she nods toward the cellular device in her friend's hand. "Eyes in the sky. I killed that sh-t down here."
Jewel 07/15/19 No problem-o.
I'm Jewel.
Nice meeting you.
Jewel 07/15/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Mackenzie 07/14/19 Kitty
How soon?
No kissing Jasper for you!
F-ck it. Who cares. Go ahead. If you can find him.
Mackenzie 07/14/19 Kitty
Where have you been all my life?
I'm dying to close down a bar, turn off the power, close the blinds, lock the doors and windows, and talk a lot of sh-t.
Summer 11/04/18 Seeing the posters around town, Summer nearly smacked her forehead with annoyance. Sh-t! She’d been remiss in welcoming Katherine to Azhi what, like, a hundred weeks ago? Space cadet. To punctuate her point, Summer stuck two prerolled’s into an envelope, complete with note scribbled on a scrap of Curious George stationary (What! She found it in the junk drawer in the Azhi compound).

I saw your face all over town and that reminded me- I never sent a welcome to you! How impossibly rude of me. Please forgive the oversight- my manners are all self taught and well, sometimes I miss a few things. Now, onto the important stuff- inside the envelope you’ll find two generously stuffed prerolled’s. One strain is Pennywise- a personal favorite of mine when I don’t want to get TOO silly, but want to chill. Then its opposite- the one with the light orange filter is Fire OG. It’s intense. And long lasting. Did I mention intense? Don’t leave this one out around kids. Damn, that’d be a waste.
Anyway, welcome!
Mackenzie 11/04/18 KitKat
So I found a picture of us with some expensive jewelry.
We were so cute back then. And stupid. So, so stupid.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Okay, listen.
The door stuck.
And hellfire is super fast and super mean.
And I look like a peach.
I used to look like a hairless chihuahua.
Jasper Thompson 09/25/18 KitKat
Nothing comes between our playtime.
Except for when I set fire to myself and lose all my hair.
She didn’t mention that, though, did she... brat.
But yes, I do have a new toy.
Still in those early stages where you want to play with it all the time.
Mackenzie 09/14/18 KitKat
Jasper is booked for a few months.
Ask him about his new toy.
Livia Vlcek 09/13/18 Canoe is getaway vehicle. *nods* Ok, good talk. I think we have our plan worked out.
Mackenzie 09/12/18 KitKat
You are? Come to the tunnels.
I’ll get Jasper.
You don’t have that man candy with you?
Livia Vlcek 09/12/18 Bottle caps. *nods*
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
So next year, then?
Home is home, Kat. Still yours.
Haven't said yes, yet.
Mackenzie 09/10/18 KitKat
Depends. Depends on what you see.
The little green men aren’t real.
You know I suck at communication.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
May be going to Moscow.
Jasp on a mission.
Trying to get Tan in on it.
How's the lay? Still good?
Be nice to my Redcoat.
Plan to keep him.
This one is different.
Mackenzie 08/19/18 KitKat
I'm sorry. He just appeared.
It was a shock and I missed him.
I really missed him.
And we've just been catching up.
Forgive me? Please?
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Spaghetti Man? Don’t tell me, I want to hear this in person.
My new crew is in Russia! Mack got me an in with her place, and I might be in love with the leader. Or just really turned on.
Send me your address when you get to where you’re going. I’ll send care packages, with love, from Moscow.
Got it, one make out session, regards from you.
Aaaand, briefly. I think he likes me.
I absolutely adore him.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/18 KitKat
Ohhhh, what’s in Cali?
I’m off to Moscow, myself.
Hopefully dragging the wee Irish with me.
Soon, okay? Don’t make me burn down California to find you.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -laughs heartily-
Good, then this reunion doesn’t have to be awkwardly one-sided.
Drinks? Drinks. Let’s get drinks.
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 -stares back-
-waggles brows-
Miss me?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Pretty? Define pretty. I need details.
Shag him yet?
He any good?
I'm not sure there are wild hamsters.
Actually. That's a good question.
Where do hamsters come from?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
That is exactly how that goes.
You made a friend?
Tiber is the scruffy one, right?
One of the ones I was yelling at, at the bar?
What is the important question?
Mackenzie 05/03/18 KitKat
Well, brunettes do have more fun.
But that's not a good reason.
Am still in New York.
Technically not gone.
Mackenzie 03/17/18 KitKat
I wonder what it would take to dye blood green?
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *cackles at the window*
*tried to get dice*
Livia Vlcek 03/13/18 *leaves Kat cookies and porn...acuz best mom ever*
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Santa is a great man.
He recently took up exercise.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
I'm being serious.
Sol is a total adult.
Unless you want to talk to Atticus.
He believes in Santa still. So.
Mackenzie 02/06/18 KitKat
Well, by today's standard, I'm not wrong.
I go to Solomon when I need an adult.
He's thirty something, after all.
Mackenzie 02/05/18 KitKat
I'm an eternal child.
Shayden Rayne 10/28/14 *strolls through and paints the roses red...*
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