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Sabina Fairchild 04/22/19 Sabina’s lips curled into a soft smile as her right hand slipped into Adam’s left hand for a brief shake before handing him the backpack. “I will need to make notes on not to assume that all whom roam around here drinks liquor. Maybe I should add some small boxes of tea.” Her dark eyes watched Adam as if she was studying or taking in various lines and textures of his whole being. Her cell was buzzing in her back pocket, yet she ignored it. She didn’t want to listen to the irritant on the other end. “Tea. Tea sounds really good. Per chance would you have some mini scones to go with it? If not, its fine.” As they began to walk, she slipped her hands into her front pockets while she talked “When I am not on assignment” She paused while telling herself -don’t go there- Then began to speak once again “I just got back from Egypt. Found an untouched tomb that is so amazing. Whomever the person was, they were some very high up on the chain of power. I’m still going over the notes but I am making progress.” Sabina turned her head just slightly while looking up within his direction “What about you? I’m curious on what you do.”
Sabina Fairchild 04/21/19 The Tomb Raider glanced down to the small black backpack as she made sure that all contents were set in place. She closed it before slinging it over her shoulder to head out to find the newest members of Realm. She didn’t have time to clean up since coming in from the latest dig she was on. Of course she didn’t care that her face was smudged with dirt and soot, her hair was pulled up in a high pony tail. She ran her fingerless gloved hand over her jeans while walking along the corridor. She paused for a second as her gaze fell upon a male stranger that rounded the corner. “Um. Hello.” Her voice sounded a bit awkward to herself. Holding out the black backpack. ”Greetings. Im Sabina. Here is little something something to welcome you here. Its not much. Its packed full of those small bottles of liquor that you get while on air planes. Enough to make you pissed off. There is a few business cards to top end attorneys to get you out of trouble, along with numbers to various bonds men to post your bail and I cannot forget the first aid kit, if you need it.” She gave a shy smile.
Makayla 04/20/19 Blonde brows raise a bit. Peculiar. Then again there weren't many things in the Realm that didn't seem strange to her. She brushed it off and nodded. "Anytime of course."
Makayla 04/20/19 Her head inclined towards Adam. She perceived him to be a newcomer to the Realm, though one could never be quite sure with all the comings and goings in this world. "Welcome and good luck."
Janus 04/20/19 Welcome to the Realm.
_Samil 04/20/19 *Nods* You're welcome.
Eloise Buchanan 04/20/19 ~Elle wanders by the newcomer and looks thinking there is something familiar about him, she shakes her head and smiles.~
Hello there. I'm Elle, if you need help with anything just sing out.
_Samil 04/20/19 Welcome to the realm. Stay away from the women. They are bat shyte crazy, dude.
Sandrine Sauvage 04/20/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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