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Born: May 25, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 0
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The Attic doors are open if you are interested please contact El or myself.
Special Items:
 Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary
I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
2019 Summer Bloodies - Best Werewolf
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary

Anyssa's Biography
Name: Anyssa Hayden Dumas
Nicknames: Annie, Anna,Nessa
Born:June 6, 1995
Race:Wolf born
Features: Pierced ears & Tongue, Tattoo of a rope bracelet on her left wrist.
Parents: Richard Xavier Dumas & Mary Labonair Dumas
Siblings:2 brothers Jackson & Scott & 1 sister Celeste
Relationship: Single

Anyssa Dumas is the daughter of former Werewolf Pack Master Richard Xavier and is very protective of her family and her Pack. She is the youngest of her siblings with her brothers Jackson being five years older, Scott two years older, and her sister Celeste being four years older.

When her father was killed , she left Mississippi and went out to find herself. Being a Dumas her name was known by all Werewolves around the USA, so it wasn't hard to find others to take her in. She traveled the US and learned more about herself, not only as a Werewolf but as a woman.

She soon settled in Texas, where she worked odd jobs and fell in with a very violent Pack. One night, her feral instincts got the better of her and she attacked a young man who was on a cross country trek on his bike. Thinking him dead she fled and left the Pack that night, swearing never to let her Wolf take control all. And so she stayed, holding back the truth of who she was as she headed further west until she settled in Bella Vista, CA. The place she now called home. The place she was hoping to find peace and happiness.

Unknown to her Jackson took over as Alpha. The three siblings have been in search for their sister to come back home and assure her she is safe.

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Cross Bearer

El Orlav
King Of Nazareth

Dr Van Helsing

No Mercey

Cassandra Carnivale Jadu

Grace McKenna

Josie Nathan


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No Mercey 06/17/19 *Walk's up to his confident and smiles" Thanx Dear for the invite."
Luke 06/14/19 *Kissing his wife back* "I love you more then anything in this world myself*) I'm Your's forever Luke Smiled as he kissed Anyssa deeper*
Luke 06/10/19 *Kisse's Nessy on her sweet lip's* *Picking her up over his shoulder carrying her back to her cabin for some Hot Fun* Luke Smile's Wickedly*
Luke 06/10/19 "Real Good. I'm in need for some loving from my hot wife* *Winks*
Luke 05/24/19 Taking his wife by her hand and leading her towards their home. Laughing and kissing as Luke open's the door, Closing it as they fall into the bed slowly, with *Hot* Passion*
Luke 05/05/19 Walking up to his friend placing his hands over her eyes while sniffing her neck .. Mhmmmm he growled in delight rubbing her hair as she tries to guess)
Marius Tournier 04/29/19 Congrats on pod!
WildKat 04/29/19 Congrats on PotD!
Briahne Christiann 03/30/19 Not new but thanks anyways.
Liliana 01/27/19 "Thanks darlin, I am busting up that evil little girl again to." she laughed and gave her friend a hug.
Liliana 01/26/19 *hugs* Thank you! Its only once so far.
Liliana 01/26/19 Guess who finally killed that wicked little girl
Liliana 01/16/19 "Thanks Anyssa, I have been working my butt off." Lili grinned. "Im gonna keep it up, but those dang Db's are gonna kill me."
El Orlav 12/30/18 ~*~ El turns to her friend with a wide grin taking one of the glasses ~*~ "That sounds wonderful. Let's get as cheery as we can without feeling it in the morning. Merry Christmas."
Josie Nathan 09/01/18 Josie giggled as she gave her lollipop another lick, thinking over the question seriously before breaking into another smile. "Party cake! With lots of sprinkles!"
Josie Nathan 08/31/18 Josie gave another giggle at the whispered words, nodding her head. "They're so yummy! I like cupcakes too. Do you like cupcakes?" Grinning she carefully took the wrapper off of the lollipop, taking her first lick with another small giggle.
Josie Nathan 08/31/18 At the sight of the lollipop, the little girl broke into giggles, taking it gently and hugging it to her chest. "Thank you so much, Miss Anyssa! How did you know I liked lollipops?"
Josie Nathan 08/30/18 Looking up to the stranger, Josie gave a shy smile, giving a nod to the woman's words. "Okay, Miss Anyssa. Thank you for the welcome!"
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