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Anakin Drake


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Born: January 05, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 233
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 1289
Home City: Sydney Mail Sent: 28
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
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01/25/20 at 11:18 pm
Special Items:
 I Encountered the Red Death 2019
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
Anakin Drake's Biography
Name: Anakin Drake
Age: Unknown
Nickname: Ani, Anikins
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft
Weight: 200lbs
Build: Slim Athletic Build
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Black
Piercings: Both Ears
Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Demon/Were-Tazmanian Devil Hybrid
Occupation: Owner of Anakin's Cafe,
Personal Assistant at Lux.
Anakin is a shy timid individual who tends to keep to himself. His expression is
almost always soft and affectionate. He has a
submissive nature and rarely says no if told to do something.

Name: Arcane Drake
Age: Unknown
Nickname: Taz
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 250 lbs
Build: Large Muscular
Eye Color: Glowing Bright Red
Hair Color: Dark Red, Falls To His Shoulders
Piercings: Both Ears
Status: As Long As You're Available
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Were-Tazmanian Devil/Demon Hybrid
Occupation: Personal Assistant, Security, Gun For Hire...
Appearance and Personality:
Taz is a straight up brute who enjoys chaos.
He's not only the complete opposite of Anakin in behavior he's  also the
opposite physically. With clawed nails and teeth all sharp canines. Bright red hair
that covered his entire neck. Along with pointy ears he lives for three things. Sex, food and chaotic fun. Though his behavior had toned down he enjoys poking fun of everyone he meets and calling them whatever pops in
his head. If you have a sense of humor and can put up with him then he'll
tolerate your existence. He doesn't
have a submissive bone in his body and has a dominant personality.
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Liana Ankov

Blood Demon





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WildKat 11/09/19 "We definitely will. One day, maybe. It's baby steps with him...or maybe it's with me? Uhh, Now I'm overthinking...!"
WildKat 11/08/19 Congrats on PotD!
LillyEmperium 11/08/19 Congrats on what did you do
Xander Kuma 11/08/19 PoD, huh? Nice going brother.
WildKat 11/01/19 "I just haven't told him yet but yes, we are tother. I'm surprised he hadn't said anything. I just haven't gotten around to telling him yet. I will. Baby sounds sweet! I know that child will love your cooking."
WildKat 10/29/19 "Because I'm a Vampire. I don't eat...unless it's these. He doesn't know only because I haven't said anything. I'm horrible, I know."

Smiling widely, she didn't know he was one.

"Aww, I didn't know you were a dad. How old?"
WildKat 10/28/19 "Okay, you can't tell him that I love your baked goods. I keep telling him that I don't eat anything, that I don't have a taste for anything like this but obviously I lied. I keep forgetting you bake! Which I shouldn't. Very rude of me. Anyways, what've you been up to?"
WildKat 10/25/19 "Oooh, now you have my complete attention."

Unable to help herself, even though she was just told it was for her, she leaned to the side as her curiosity piqued. Normally she wouldn't be into sweets or any kind of food but his was so different. Green pools slowly slid from the basket to Anakin's face. A hand daringly reached for the basket, fingers curling around the secure handle, Kat was full of smiles.

"Is it the ones that I love? Ooh, do you know Li? Li Kuroda?"
WildKat 10/22/19 Lost in thought, she never even suspected that someone would be watching her. Something came to mind when she felt the jab at her side. Taking a few step sideways, head swiveling to see who it was, eyebrows furrowing until the individual came into sight.

"Anakin? What in the world?! You scared the hell out of me. You're lucky nothing bad happened!"

Calming herself down, only two people knew about her new transformation. Kat still wasn't used to it and did find it embarrassing. It made her feel more like a freak than she already was. Inhaling deeply, she could smell something sweet and eyes slowly peeled away from his face and gradually made their way to his basket.

"So...what's in the basket?"
Lesprit 09/18/19 He had surprised me, making me jump slightly before asking his question. I offered a faint smile in return before replying. "She is well, but still requires a bit more rest because of our training while gone. She will return soon though."
WildKat 07/15/19 "OH EM GEEE!!! Your effing cookies rock! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I'm totally hiding these."*gives a Vampire hug. Sorta like a bear hug but better*
WildKat 04/25/19 Gently taking the basket, she brought it closer to her and had to look inside. It was hard to peel her eyes off the goodies. Biting her lower lip, her eyes eventually pulled away from the basket and looked at Anakin. "You're kidding! Serious? Man, I can't wait to have one. They were sooo good last time and I do feel guilty for eating all of them. They just went down so easily. Seriously can't wait to try these! " Nodding her head, the grin faded as she understood what he was saying. "Yeah, I know what you mean. You really have to be careful in everything you do and sometimes it's annoying. Say, do you wanna try them with me or at least sit down with me? I would love the company."
WildKat 04/25/19 The scent alone was divine. Her grin grew wider and she wasn't sure what to say or do but thinking about the goodies, well, that was a gift in itself. Kat did her best to not over think it, which if anyone knew her, would know how her mind worked but not many did. "Seriously? You...made that for me? Sorry..just shocked and yeah, a lot has happened since then. I wish it was all good but it hasn't, however, I'm here and ya know what? Some may want my head and want me gone but that'll never happen. I was a mess when you saw me and now..well, I can't complain. Just staying quiet for the most part." She was confused but touched at the same time. A feeling she would never forget. "You're a sweet man and you know what, it's good to see someone such as yourself."
WildKat 04/25/19 Quite surprised to hear her name, Kat slowly turned around and grinned when she recognized the face."The guy that makes those delightful cookies. I'm surprised you remember me, then again, I ate all your samples. How are you Mr. Drake? Staying out of trouble?"
Liliana 03/05/19 Taking the basket I smiled. "Thank you Anakin, I'll make sure to share. We are good." Holds out the hand showing off an engagement ring.
Malek 01/14/19 Malek glares at the man, frustration evident on his grotesque visage. Slowly, his eyes close, scarred face scrunching before he opens them again. "Uh stick. Poin'y. F'stabb'n thin's," Malek says very slowly, making the classic mass-murderer-from-psycho stabbing motion complete with the REEET REEET REEET sound effects. "Like tha' Buffy bi'tch," he says, referring to the famous television 'vampire slayer'.
Malek 01/14/19 A treasure hunt. A game. A joke within the Pack, of sorts. Malek is a bit short on the required items and, of course, must approach others within the Realm to procure the miscellany that his crazed mate requests. It's actually quite funny, in the long run.

"'Ey," Malek says, approaching the male and narrowing his eyes. "Y'got uh poin'y stick?" He asks cheerfully... well, as cheerfully as he can manage. He's not really all that pleasant or good with people.

"'ny'ol stick'll do's long's't's stabby'nuff."
Pennywise 01/05/19 Welcome! Should you have any questions, or need any assistance, don't hesitate to mail me!
Genesis 01/05/19 Welcome to the Realm, need any help, just give me a shout!
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