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Born: November 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 1
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 1202
Home City: London Mail Sent: 5
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09/16/19 at 6:14 pm
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~She was a wolf covered in the blood, watching and waiting.~

~Don't fall in love, fall off a bridge. It hurts less.~

(Open for RP. Just send a starter but no one liner, please.)

(Mood is IC)

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Last five threads posted in:
Angel Bartolo 09/15/19 Dark brown pools glanced at the offer confectionery treats. A hand raised to respectfully decline the basket; food from strangers was a gift he was not inclined to accept. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm a bit of a loner but I appreciate it."
Angel Bartolo 09/13/19 "Thank you."
Hela Jones_ 09/10/19 Why thank you lovely. I am actually coming home again.
Wills Rosier 09/09/19 I really am going to need a pain killer, aren't I?
Vegaz Knightblade 09/09/19 Thank you very much.
Kenna Callaghan 09/05/19 Thanks for the welcome.
The Preacher 09/03/19 I shall do so if there is anything ever needed.
The Preacher 09/03/19 "Thank you much."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 A defiant shake of the head was all he could give the woman. "Nope. Nooooope. If it's real, you people are f-cking psycopaths. This isn't normal."
Manannán mac-Lir 09/01/19 He takes the basket and nods in thanks, his face a vision of consternation and sadness.

"Thank you, lass. If you come across one named Harlowe mac Lir, tell her I'm looking for her. Please."
Richard LaMonte 09/01/19 "I need one because I am obviously having some kind of psychotic episode. This isn't real. None of this is real." Richard seemed rather convinced on the subject. This was all just too bonkers for him to comprehend.
Richard LaMonte 08/31/19 "New?" Brows furrowed in complete confusion at the statement. "New to what? Uh, I guess what I need right now is a shot of whiskey and maybe a therapist?"
Yule 08/30/19 The woman's grip was warm against Yule's cold skin, the pulse beating steadily beneath the skin. She grasped the hand briefly, giving it a small shake, before releasing her with a laugh. "Oh, I get caught quite a bit too. More often than not really. I heard it was easier just to pay the bail, but that seems to get awfully expensive, what with how often I end up getting caught. Still, a girl's got to eat. And the very nice police officers seem to frown upon rescuing family heirlooms from forgotten graves."

Yule rocked back on her heels and shrugged. "I imagine that means we'll be seeing one another around, probably frequenting the same fine facility with all of its lovely accommodations." She sighed theatrically, looking skyward. "Such is life in the Realm, eh?"
Yule 08/30/19 Clasping her hands behind her back, Yule strolled out of the Dungeon alongside the woman she had freed. Her movements casual to the observers, though she kept a close eye out for patrolling guards.

"I honestly hadn't expected it to be so difficult. It does seem easier to break others out than it is to escape on your own." She grinned, casting a sidelong glance at her unlikely companion for the short walk. The warm evening breeze greeted her as they emerged at last from the dank, dark, and musty smelling dungeon.

And with that breeze came a familiar scent. Yule drew a deeper breath and her grin widened fractionally, catching the distinctive smell of sugar and spice. "You baked cookies."

Small world. Yule thought, tilting her head to the side. Funny the first person she'd met after arriving in New York would be one of those who had welcomed her to the Realm. She paused and held out her hand. "We met briefly before, I remember now. My name is Yule."
Yule 08/30/19 Yule muttered a string of incoherent curses as she fumbled with the lock on the cold iron cell for the umpteenth time. That it was rusted didn't seem to diminish the iron's effects and she could feel the tips of her fingers going numb from the number of times she had to brush against it as she fiddled with the picks she held in her hands. One would think that, having escaped the Other and made her way into the Realm, a simple human-designed lock would be a piece of cake to pop open.

Of course that wasn't the case.

At last, the tumbles clicked into place and the latch popped open, the heavy metal padlock falling to the ground. She couldn't really take pride in the success, given how long she had been crouched there fiddling with the lock. But small victories were still victories. And so she decided it would have to suffice.

She smiled stiffly at the other woman and gave a faint wave of her bleeding hand. "Sorry for the wait."

You managed to break out Ashlyn Starling.
Kalani Jadu 08/30/19 }She took her hand then sniffed then smiled.{ "It is nice to meet you to Ashlyn. You smell like cookies. I love cookies my mommy makes cookies. Do you like baking cookies too?" }She asked a lot of questions sometimes she couldn't help it she was always curious.{
Kalani Jadu 08/30/19 "Thank you. My name is Kalani what is your name?" }She looked at her with a smile upon her face she liked meeting new people.{
Kalani Jadu 08/30/19 }She smiled at her.{ "You are welcome that was my first time breaking anyone out. Those guards are very mean."
Kalani Jadu 08/30/19 You managed to break out Ashlyn Starling. }Lani walked up to the lady with a soft smile as she softly tugged on her pants leg.{ "Excuse me ma'am but you are free from those nasty dungeons."
Lord Drake 08/29/19 *He takes the basket from her with the smile then take the cookies out of the basket and eats it.* There Delicious! Thank you very much. *He looks at her admiring her beauty.*
Ferril Darklight 08/23/19 "Thank you Iam Ferril or Fer as other like to call me.. Pleasure to meet you" Smiles warmly offers hand shake.
Ferril Darklight 08/23/19 Smiles and nods " If they are as good as they smell iam sure i will enjoy!"
Ferril Darklight 08/23/19 Smiles warmly and nods taken the cookies "thank you and thank you so much the cookies smell amazing!" Smiles
Yule 08/23/19 Yule's grin sharpened as she reached out, wrapping a pale fist around the handle of the basket. "I'm sure that must have something to do with it. So many interesting people in this place. All of these friendly faces. I must say it is quite different from what I had expected. You must be very skilled to bake so much. Baking is a science after all. I appreciate getting the chance to make note of that skill."

She peered down into the basket and brushed the tip of one of her fingers against one of the confections. "I imagine they taste lovely. You have my thanks."
Yule 08/23/19 "Hello." Yule gave the woman a slow smile and inhaled deeply, looking from her to the basket she held. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You smell divine."
Ragnar BloodFang 08/23/19 Giving her a slight nod, I suddenly caught the scent coming off of her. She was not normal. She had the scent of a wolf. But she looked human. How was that possible? As these question popped into my head, I looked her over once more. "This one thanks the young miss for the treats. This one will savor them, but this one has to go now. This one, bids you good morrow."

Turning I headed down the alleyway, occasionally glancing back to see if she would follow. If she did, then that meant I'd have to either fight or lose her. If she didn't, I was safe... For now.
Ragnar BloodFang 08/23/19 Her soft smile and gentle tones as she giggled made me feel relaxed for a moment. Almost disarmed if you will. Problem was, because of who I was, I had to be wary of people that looked like her. "This one finds this, Realm as you call it, very different. The sights are beyond words, as are the smells and sounds."

Her mention of me being cause for trouble saw me instinctively slip my right hand, which was still beneath my black cloak that covered my entire frame, towards the hilt of the dagger at my hip. "This one is not cause for trouble. This one is just trying to live peacefully."
Ragnar BloodFang 08/23/19 I had been silently making my way through the streets of this Realm. Nothing was familiar about this place, save the stench of blood, death, and violence. I had decided to take a rest by leaning against a wall in the alley I was in. Taking a deep breath to center my thoughts, her voice brought me back to the moment.

Looking down at the cookies then at her, I reached a gloved hand out to take the basket. "This one thanks you miss, your kindness is beyond words."
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