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Born: April 17, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Crimson Belladonna Jones

Lucifer Morningstar

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Last five threads posted in:
Lylith 05/12/19 Happy Birthday Luv. I hope it is a wonderful day and that you enjoyed it.
Lylith 05/06/19 *She hadn't slept as of yet and doubted she would for a while yet. Putting Malak back to sleep she made her way to the kitchen. Making coffee she pulled stuff from the fridge. Turning to the stove she started breakfast. Making waffles, bacon, hashbrowns and eggs she sets them on the tray with coffee. Taking the tray she heads to their bedroom and places it on the table next to the bed.*
Lylith 05/05/19 *Good lord. This was going to take a while. Making her way towards man and baby she grabbed a diaper. Shaking her head she nudges him aside* Pay attentiin darlin. I won't be the only one doing this. *She lefts the baby's bottom and slides the diaper underneath* The tabs need to face this way so you can fasten it like so.
Lylith 05/05/19 Welcome to parenthood, darling. Everything you need is in the nursery.
Lylith 05/04/19 *With an evil grin upon her lips and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, she approaches, with Malak in her arms. Handing him out towards Az she leans in and whispers* Your turn darling. Think he has had enough female attention today.
Lylith 04/28/19 *Her eyes slide shut lightly as she leans into his embrace. With a wicked grin she nips lightly along his jaw* See, you aren't the only one who can tease darling.
Lylith 04/27/19 *She places a soft kiss to each corner of his lips before nipping the bottom lip playfully* Mmmm the sound of that does something to me. *She winks*
Lylith 04/27/19 *She shivers softly* Oh he is so much worse than spitey. He is downright awful but he is mine and I adore him.
Lylith 04/27/19 *She growls softly as she grins wickedly* My husband is extremely jealous. I wouldn't want him to catch you kissing on me.
Lylith 04/25/19 *She shudders at the very name.* You just had to mention that name again didn't you? As for the other, I think you said I was littlier which should help with pinning me down.
Lylith 04/22/19 Well well well. Look at you, darling. *winks lightly* Not so squishable now.
Lylith 04/21/19 *In the spirit of the human holiday Easter Lyl decided to try her hand at it. Dressing in a bunny costume she smirks and places a bottle of Jack and a bag of green next to his pillow as he sleeps before running off*
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/21/19 All of them! You damn well know each and everyone!
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/21/19 Same question I asked mom why?
Lylith 04/20/19 *Shakes her head and looks at him* Get up you overgrown baffoon. I hate seeing a grown man growel. If you don't know the answer will always be yes.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/20/19 You guys are gross eww! *shudders*
Lylith 04/20/19 Not like you don't do that already or haven't for thousands of millenia and we weren't married then either. Come on, darling. You can do better than that. *Okay, yeah she was enjoying this just a little too much but then if she just gave in, it wouldn't be her.*
Lylith 04/20/19 *Damn, he had a point. Damn it. Resigned she tried to glare at him but to no available. She chewed on her lip and sighs* You make a valid point but point or not still doesn't mean I have to marry you for that to be a reality.
Lylith 04/20/19 *She was going to make him sweat even though he already knew the answer to that. Looking at him she rolled silver blue hues and spoke gently* Give me one good reason why I should say yes.
Lylith 04/20/19

*Dropping it into his pocket she shakes her head* I kept it. In case... just in case you came back.
Lylith 04/19/19 Think we will live through this or should get our spots in hell ready? And if you or Sami drag me back at least put me in a good body this time. *She tries to chuckle but coughs instead*
Geoffrey Drake 04/18/19 Welcome to the coven! I heard you got a shot in the ass.
Belinda Arch 04/17/19 "Are you able to help, Azazel?" The flaxen-haired girl looked at similar ice blue pools, her question earnest, but still guarded lest he attempt to lure her into a false sense of sincerity. "I've heard a number of stories regarding work to heal the infirm..." Her brow furrowed and she gnawed at one corner of her lip. "... they speak of hope, and showing some signs of improvement..." Belinda didn't much care for war or death, though she did understand the purpose for it in the grand design.
Belinda Arch 04/17/19 "Your flattery will get you nowhere with me." Belinda knew Azazel to be another of the Fallen, his choice to side with his brother Lucifer, his choice to corrupt humans. Her Ascension from human child to one of God's Chosen was after the great fall from Heaven. Still venomous in her anger, but suddenly softening. "I've seen the sick, all of Father's creatures ... even your brother and those you have, by some miracle, come to call family. It's not like one of your plans hasn't gone haywire before."
Belinda Arch 04/17/19 "Look who's back." The petite celestial seethed. "Looking to stir up more trouble? Or does this new illness somehow have your hand in it?" Belinda had borne witness to many of the trials and tribulations in this realm, it was the lot The Holy Father had given her, and the return of some of Hell's finest was sure to mean trouble for the denizens unaware.
Raven D Morningstar 04/17/19 Food and buckets of coffee! I will get the mini goddess to help. Miss you? Um..I have to think about that one king dork. *grins*
Raven D Morningstar 04/17/19 Omg 😱
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