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Born: June 24, 2021 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 3 (House only: 0)
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 293
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 24
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09/15/21 at 8:03 pm
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I kill with my heart.
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 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
Summer Bloodies 2021 ~ Sexiest Person
Zarion's Biography
Lud-born, world-traveled. Leaving on the screaming train might've been the worst decision ever, but it was one that somehow led to America through the accidental keystone activation. In this strange new world, there also come strange choices, and new dangers.
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Nina Parrish
Death Wolf

Sofia Johanneson

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Created by DemonKnight
Nina Parrish 07/31/21 Congrats on PoTD! You deserve it!
Nina Parrish 07/21/21 You managed to break out Zarion. Los Angeles Dungeon Nina tossed the keys in the man's cell. He was bald like her ex husband. "Nice haircut! Time to move your tail out of jail!"
Cas Briar 07/20/21 "Movies would get rather boring if there weren't stakes..." She mused before saying, "...but yea, you might see me around...strange man." With that she flashed a smile and strolled off.
Cas Briar 07/20/21 She smiled, seemingly bemused by the conversation before saying, "Ah...but see, that was the element of surprise all along in those movies. A sweet talking man entrapped people with their words, leaving them off guard when the actual kidnapping happened. Admittedly it didn't really go well for the kidnappers in either movie in the long run...but it's not all that common for movies to have endings where the bad guys win."
Cas Briar 07/20/21 Nodding slowly as she listened she finally said, "Huh, I'm used to being the odd one...but apparently you didn't see those movies...they both have a kind of kidnapping angle to them and one of them is a rather grotesque horror movie."
Nina Parrish 07/20/21 Thank you hun1
Cas Briar 07/20/21 Turning in a small circle, looking like she was trying to get a look at her back, she soon stopped and looked back to the man before saying, "Do I have a note on my back or something that says I'm new in town or something? People keep coming up to me and welcoming me like there's some huge sign marking me as a tourist...but, even still, thanks I guess....unless this is a Hostel or Taken kinda thing..."
Leonora Sasin 07/14/21 "Thanks."
Calico 07/06/21 Cali wander thought the realm with her arms full with groceries when she sniffed the air picking up the scent of a fairly new visitor. Heading towards it on her way back to her home in the forest "A belated welcome to dah realm Stranger"
Eleri Nenharma 06/24/21 Welcome.
Santa Diabla 06/24/21 "Welcome!"
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